EMBOW XXII Exercise Northern Germany

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Re: EMBOW XXII Exercise Northern Germany

Post by Hakan »

Hi Johan,

Nice to hear from you again. I hope you will have a chance to hear some A/As of TUAF tomorrow on their departure.

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Re: EMBOW XXII Exercise Northern Germany

Post by zeeuwric »

Hi All,

Landed at Wittmund:
TuAF transalls: 69032, 69026, 69033 (turkish stars c/s)

kind regards, Richard
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Re: EMBOW XXII Exercise Northern Germany

Post by FISHER01 »

Hakan wrote:As Oscar said they had tanker support over the Black Sea, but I don't think that the tanker escorted them abroad. Tomorrow an AAR is scheduled for their return over the Black Sea at 1045-1200Z.

I have just heard TuAF 827, sounded like a C-160, flying westbound possibly to Germany.

I have seen the TuAF jets as reported from 171 and 182.Filo. Can anybody confirm that? The F-16 serials look like 192.Filo to me...

F-16D: 93-0695, 93-0696 are from 192 Tiger Filo
F-4E: 73-1043, 77-0284 ara from 171 pirate Filo
greetzz. Jos FISHER01 K.™

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