Do.27 in Birrenbachshöhe (Germany)

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Do.27 in Birrenbachshöhe (Germany)

Post by patrick dirksen »

Seen last week by us, in this little village half an hour East of Köln, was long-lost Do.27 c/n 278. This used to be preserved inside the Möbel Zentrum Airport in Köln, but disappeared about a decade ago. It is stored outside in the open next to the road, partly covered by brambles, still in the colours and markings it wore when it was in the furniture shop. Location is N50.86496, E7.41533.

Based on Google Earth, it has been here since at least June 2010, so probably it moved here directly from the furniture shop.
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Re: Do.27 in Birrenbachshöhe (Germany)

Post by Numbercruncher »

Nice rediscovery, thanks for sharing! :toppie:


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Re: Do.27 in Birrenbachshöhe (Germany)

Post by W&R »

Thanks, is the former AC-930 which was painted after operational service as HF-201 at Kaufbeuren.
Before AC-930 it was flying as AS-930
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