W&R Netherlands - November 2020

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W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by Antheii »

Did some w&r scraping last week, which due to some virus was limited to the Netherlands.

Monday, 23 November 2020
First stop this day, was the Aeroparc in Rijen, where it turned out my POI collection was not up to date, with the two Chinooks moved to the airbase itself earlier this year.

Only the gate guards were noted during a quick hit and run here.
K-3003	NF-5A		as K-3066
P-191	F-84F
A-391	SE3160		as A-453

Again only a short stop
PH-SPC	G115		preserved, as HB-SAP
PH-KAS	Bölkow 208C	dumped, as PH-ALT

Won't list the short term (hopefully) storage out, but for a full log, please check https://www.scramble.nl/community/messa ... 22#p980722 . Only long term resident noted;
PH-MKH	Fokker 70	stored

Wednesday, 25 November 2020
Nothing outside, also the Dijkhastar IV PH-CDD, which was stored here, was nowhere to be seen.

Wijster (Oefencentrum Noord)
This fire fighting training center used to have the wreck of FWP-149D 90+13/D-EADK, marked as PH-112, which according to some sources was last seen in September. But after failing to locate from the outside, we asked a couple of employees, who told us it had gone already for some years.

Hoogersmilde (Belevingspad)
This trail, geared at children, still contains the Saab, dressed as a crashed Spitfire
PH-RLH	S.91D		preserved

Again leaving out the short term storage KLM aircraft present here
PH-RLS	S.91D		preserved

Just in time for the departure of the afternoon missions, we didn't bother to check on the w&r here.

Kraggenburg (Netl de Wildste Tuin)
With the nature park closed, and the MiG-21 not visible from the outside, only the Mi-8 was noted.
93+09	Mi-8T		preserved

Vollenhove (Vakantiepark `t Akkertien)
SP-TSC	Mi-2		in use as hotel room

Hasselt (Schagen)
The Starfighter still guards the entrance at this construction firm
26+02	F-104G		preserved as D-8029

Apeldoorn (Straalbedrijf Siebum)
The Piaggio is preserved in some RAF like c/s, which it got when in use with its previous owner, a local photographer, which used it as a photo prop for reenactment groups.
OO-LWG	FWP-149D	preserved

Thursday, 26 November 2020
Wieringerwerf (Camping Land uit Zee)
Long term resident L410 OK-ADQ is gone, as its place was needed for the ATR. The ATR and Lynx can be rented as hotel rooms. Not sure how this works for the MiG :mrgreen:
PH-ATP	ATR.72-212A	TACV. Still carried its former registration D4-CCC underneath the wing.
593	MIG-23MF
XZ176	Lynx AH7

De Kooy
216	SP-2H		preserved
184	CS-2A		preserved

Hoogwoud (Controversy Tram Inn)
8810	MiG-15bis	preserved

Oudkarspel (InnoVfoam)
Two aircraft in use with this supplier of foam based fire suppression materials
SE-HLS	SA.360C		instructional
N5960M	Ce.421B		instructional

XM369	Jet Provost T3	preserved, behind private home

Delft (Technische Universiteit)
The Commander is with the aeronautical department of the university, while the 737 is outside the industrial design building
OO-SID	RC.680		preserved
VP-BXZ	B.737-524	stored

De Lier (De Tuinderij)
The Piper is still on display next to this garden center
PH-PJB	PA28-235	preserved

Westland (Jan Knijnenburg)
Due to the absence of leafs on the trees, the MiG was easily visible, both from the Maasdijk and Oranjedijk.
707	MiG-23BN	preserved

Rotterdam-The Hague airport
This Cirrus is still in use with the local fire fighters
N6015K	SR22		instructional

Bergschenhoek (Garage Wim Hofman)
417	Lim-6bis	preserved

Friday, 27 November 2020
Enschede (Kunstenaarsinitiatief B93)
The Antonov is now preserved on the roof of this artist collective. It is a rather unique An-2, which at one time was converted with the Ivchenko AI-14 engine, the same engine to power the Z-37, PZL-104 and Yak-18, amongst others. Probably during those tests, it became a composite of DM-SKG and DM-SKC.
DM-SKG	An-2P		preserved

Besides a couple of LH 747's stored here for the time being, below were noted with AELS, despite some serious fog
CS-TOK	A330-223	being dismantled
OO-SSC	A319-112	being dismantled
LN-RNN	B737-783	being dismantled

Sint Isidorushoeve (Autobedrijf Aktief)
0565	MiG-21UM	preserved

Zelhem (Camping De Pluimerskamp)
0804	L-29		preserved
0404	MiG-21PF	preserved

Braamt (Kindercamping Jan Klaassen Dromenland)
Again some hotel room
94+21	Mi-8T		preserved

Duiven (Autosloperij De Moestuin)
Despite the major fire here last summer, the Čmelák still stands on its pole
D-ESQO	Z-37A		preserved

Gendt (Colijn)
D-EKPL	AL.60B-2	preserved as PH-MCG
PH-MIE	Ce.F172M	preserved

Reek (Springterrein Schaijk)
P-224	F-84F		instructional
P-229	F-84F		instructional

Boekel (Paintball Games Venhorst)
OK-ADQ	L-410A		preserved
OK-FIU	Mi-2		stored, next to main building
2513	Su-22M4		preserved
D-ESVQ	Z-37A		preserved
HA-ANF	An-2M		at battle grounds
EI-CBK	ATR.42-300	displayed, broken up
0725	TS-11bisB	at battle grounds
I still have 0827 as an alternative for the Iskra, who can confirm?

Deurne (Van Kessel Porsche)
0317	TS-11bis	preserved
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Re: W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by Buccaneer S.2B »

Nice log !
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Re: W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by Alpha Kilo One »

Next trip to Barneveld?
"Nix bliev wie it es"
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Re: W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by Sjoerd »

New resident at Paintball Venhorst in Boekel is "C9-AUY" (= 2-CAUY) DHC.8-402Q (fuselage), ex Baarlo.
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Re: W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by Flyboy »

Braamt (Kindercamping Jan Klaassen Dromenland) is also receiving ATR-42 EI-EHH (noted on fire-resistant plate at the entry).
Fuselage already at the premises, wings and tail were last Sunday yet to be received from PS Aero
ten thije
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Re: W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by ten thije »

Flyboy wrote: 05 Feb 2021, 14:00 Braamt (Kindercamping Jan Klaassen Dromenland) is also receiving ATR-42 EI-EHH (noted on fire-resistant plate at the entry).
Fuselage already at the premises, wings and tail were last Sunday yet to be received from PS Aero
Translated from the local news paper:

https://www.gelderlander.nl/doetinchem/ ... ~a31be17a/

BRAAMT - The wings have been reattached this weekend, the airplane at camping Dromenland (EN: dreamland) is almost ready. Not to fly, that won't ever happen again, but to spend the night with your family.

It's the latest addition, says owner Geert Prein. The plane, an ATR 42-300, that used to carry up to 50 passengers, has been completely transformed into a lodging for up to eight people. This includes a lounge area. The cockpit has been left complete as much as possible, and has been fitted with a flight simulator.

"It's great to be occupied again by something else then Corona", says the owner of the camping that's part of childrens amusement park "Land van Jan Klaassen. "We hope to re-open april first, bookings have already started coming in."

In addition to the plane, the camping has another 20 special accomodations to spend the night. From a helicopter (Mi-8T, 94+21) to a fire engine and a pirate ship. In between these lodgings people can also set up their caravan or tents.

Guests have free entrance to the amusement park, that hopefully can be reopened fast as well. Prein says: "(het Land van) Jan Klaassen is clasified as a playyard. If schools are allowed to open, then surely playyards will be opened as well?".

Link to the camping
Link to the camping's helicopter lodging. The plane is not yet listed on the website.
https://www.janklaassendromenland.nl/ac ... elikopter/
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Re: W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by geert »

Again leaving out the short term storage KLM aircraft present here
PH-RLS S.91D preserved
Is this one good for taking a picture? And if so, how do I get there?

patrick dirksen
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Re: W&R Netherlands - November 2020

Post by patrick dirksen »

Using Google and typing "PH-RLS" and Eelde gives you all the clues you need... ;-)

Patrick Dirksen
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