Nellis October 2019

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Joost Michiels
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Nellis October 2019

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Seen arriving at Nellis in the afternoon of october 3rd (presumably for Green Flag):

168937 /NL-520 EA-18G VAQ-135
166934 /NL-521 EA-18G VAQ-135
/NL-523 EA-18G VAQ-135
/NL-524 EA-18G VAQ-135
/ 512 EA-18G No mks
168265 /NE-504 EA-18G VAQ-136
168380 /NG-504 EA-18G VAQ-133
+ 3 more as a three-ship landing from the other side. Parkerd west-side.
BuNo ’s mentioned are photo-proof.

79-0207/FT A-10C 75 FS
79-0135/FT A-10C 75 FS
82-0657/FT A-10C 74 FS
81-0995/FT A-10C 75 FS
78-0597/FT A-10C 23 Wg Multi
78-0679/FT A-10C 75 FS
80-0272/FT A-10C 74 FS
/FT A-10C 74 FS
/FT A-10C 75 FS
/FT A-10C 75 FS
/FT A-10C 74 FS

Came in as 4-3-4 in above order, last 4-ship landing other side. Parked S-E revetments

Any help on the missing bits would be welcome!

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