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Log North Carolina Mil

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Noted to/from Airshow
at MCAS Cherry Point

Raleigh-Durham (KRDU)
08-5675 C130J 317th AW
08-5726 C130J 317th AW

Kinston Regional (KISO)
N141EM TA4K green camo
N145EM A4K white/grey digital
N146EM A4K green camo
N161EM A4N green camo
N163EM A4N blue/grey
N164EM A4N blue/grey
All Draken International

Seymour Johnson AFB (KGSB)
56011 KC46A
66014 KC46A
76024 KC46A
86052 KC46A
86056 KC46A
16058 KC46A not 96058!
no marks but all on 916ARW ramp

87-0191 F15E red 333FS
87-0194 F15E not noted
87-0195 F15E not noted
88-1672 F15E blue 334FS
88-1677 F15E blue 334FS
88-1683 F15E not noted
88-1693 F15E not noted
88-1704 F15E blue 334FS marked "334FS"
89-0475 F15E blue 334FS
89-0476 F15E not noted
89-0481 F15E not noted
89-0489 F15E blue 334FS
89-0502 F15E green 335FS
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