Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

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Scramble Die-Hard
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Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by Starman »

Help required! Early on Monday 6th Feb we made an overflight of the facility but suffered a "camera malfunction".
In the area known as the South Maintenace Shelter (not actually a shelter these days) were the following;
6 x MH-60, 3 x MQ-8, 3 x F-16, 2 x AH-1 & an F-15 for which GMAP have been very helpful.
These were parked in three rows, N to S,
1st row; 2 x F-16 facing east, two MH-60s and the red/white AH-1s
2nd row; an F-16 facing west, 4 x MH-60s and the MQ-8s
3rd row; just an Eagle
Can anyone positively id the F-15/F-16s from their photos?
Scramble Senior
Scramble Senior
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by CJ »

Dave, I overflew the area on Feb 11. My pictures unfortunately are not good. However, with just a little bit of help from the GMAP site, I arrive at the following a/c:
first row:F-16Ds 83-1184LF and 85-1512LF, both 309th FS
2nd row: F-16C 84-1318LF, also 309th FS.
3rd 'row': F-15C 81-0042ZZ
Trust this helps.
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Piet Luijken
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by Piet Luijken »

From twitter:
The @FuerzaAereaCol (🇨🇴) has arrived at Davis–Monthan AFB in the United States (🇺🇸) for #RFR23 exercise with @AFSOUTH .

The Colombian contingent includes A-29B Super Tucanos and AH-60L Arpía both specialized in COIN operations.

A Colombian B737 also delivered personnel to base.

B737 is FAC1209
AH-60L is FAC4138

Piet Luijken
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The DJ
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by The DJ »

A-29B's FAC3102, 3103, 3104, 3108, 3109, 3114 were seen earlier this week.
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