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by Hurricane
23 Mar 2023, 21:20
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: ALLIED RESOLVE 2022 + the war that followed
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Re: ALLIED RESOLVE 2022 + the war that followed

Joe92 wrote: 23 Mar 2023, 20:38 Interesting, thanks for the update! Where can one see that clip?
Here you can see the clip
ErwinS wrote: 23 Mar 2023, 20:23 Clip on the www shown delivery of 4 x Slovak MiG-29's to Ukraine.

One serial was visible:

Also shown briefly in the clip is 2123.
by Hurricane
20 Feb 2023, 20:48
Forum: 't Praethuys
Topic: Provinciale Staten verkiezingen 2023
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Re: Provinciale Staten verkiezingen 2023

Vind dit forum niet bedoeld voor politieke statements of promo-praatjes. Geheel mee eens. Het staat Luchtvaartnieuws geheel vrij om een artikel als deze de publiceren maar voor dit draadje zie ik geen toegevoegde waarde. Volgens mij is het in maart van belang dat iedereen die stemgerechtigd is gáát...
by Hurricane
17 Feb 2023, 22:23
Forum: 't Praethuys
Topic: info over Klu B0-105's gevraagd
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Re: info over Klu B0-105's gevraagd

Als ik hier lees hebben ze het over 1990.
by Hurricane
30 Jan 2023, 21:48
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 31-01-2023 CIV
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Re: EHEH 31-01-2023 CIV req

MichelZTM wrote: 30 Jan 2023, 21:15 is eral iets bekend over die IL-76 die een nachtstop komt maken .
Als er momenteel iets bekend zou zijn had je dat hier gelezen.
by Hurricane
18 Jan 2023, 21:09
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Spotting trip Europe 09-2022 part 4 (TEV/CDT/PGF)
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Re: Spotting trip Europe 09-2022 part 4 (TEV/CDT/PGF)

F-HUNO an Air Caraïbes A332 parked at PGF since 2020. You don't get much from this photo but wanted to add it anyway, I think it's the only Air Caraïbes A332 in these colors in Europe. On the left you see the tail of 6V-ONE, former Senegal Govern...
by Hurricane
14 Jan 2023, 12:15
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Gilze Rijen 14 nov 2022 slope just before golden hour
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Re: Gilze Rijen 14 nov 2022 slope just before golden hour

erik_kamphuis wrote: 31 Dec 2022, 17:28 sorry, I don't know how to share/view them otherwise.....!
It's about selecting the right link from Flickr. I'll send you an email with the instruction for next time :wink:
by Hurricane
05 Jan 2023, 19:19
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Port Visits 2023
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Re: Port Visits 2022

witje wrote: 05 Jan 2023, 15:24 Maybe you can create a new topic for this year
by Hurricane
16 Nov 2022, 22:07
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Falcon Autumn 2022
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Re: Falcon Autumn 2022

Noted today to/from Valkenburg (from camera): CH-47F D-601, D-603, D-473, D-485? NH-90 N-195 Mi-8 6105, 639 +1 AH-64D 4x AS532 1x D-603 was D-602, D-485 is correct. Missing Mi-8 = 649. AS532U2 was S-459 (visited 3x together with N-195) Only photoproof AH-64 I've got was Q-30. According ADSB Q-01/17...
by Hurricane
15 Nov 2022, 23:29
Forum: Tattle Lounge
Topic: 15 nov 2022 Poland: Russian-launched missile kills two people in Przewodów...
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Re: 15 nov 2022 Poland: Russian-launched missile kills two people in Przewodów...

Side note: various links direct to withdrawn posts.

On topic wondering; What proves it was Russian launched? It seems to be S-300 debris, making it Russian-mademissile. Could be UKR, could be RUS ...
It remains very regrettable that civilian lives have been lost.
by Hurricane
31 Oct 2022, 21:14
Forum: De Peel
Topic: EHDP General info
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EHDP General info

As part of the Falcon Autumn 2022 excercise we want to keep the movements in a central position so all interested can find it.
Therefore we created a temporary subforum for De Peel/EHDP so movements can posted in daytopics.

Happy hunting.
by Hurricane
10 Oct 2022, 19:49
Forum: Spotting Rest of the World
Topic: Christchurch Antarctic season
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Re: Christchurch Antarctic season

The next arrival into Christchurch for the 2022/2023 ice season was LC-130H Hercules 92-1094. This arrived on October 7 in a most unusual green c/s. Not sure how to attach a photo to this post? harewood I noticed this photo online last weekend, being the same Hercules ->
by Hurricane
25 Sep 2022, 19:56
Forum: Rotterdam-The Hague
Topic: EHRD 25-09-2022
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Re: EHRD 25-09-2021

Richard from Rotterdam wrote: 25 Sep 2022, 13:33 Typo in the date it seems...
Adjusted to the right year.