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by AndyMarden
14 May 2021, 11:38
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Savannah/KSAV 2021
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Re: Savannah/KSAV 2021

They're New Jersey out of Lakehurst. They ended up at Key West FL.
by AndyMarden
29 Apr 2021, 11:34
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Log NAS Oceana 4/27/2021
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Re: Log NAS Oceana 4/27/2021

Great log, thanks for posting!
VFA-211 operates F/A-18E these days.
Also, can you please re-check AG-102 and AG-103, as the serials are not valid (well, they are, but one is an MV-22 and the other a C-40)
by AndyMarden
25 Apr 2021, 10:44
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Log. Southern Mississippi
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Re: Log. Southern Mississippi

Thanks for the nice log.
HSM-60 are NW-601 etc.
by AndyMarden
20 Apr 2021, 12:03
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: F-35 Lightning II developments
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Re: F-35 Lightning II developments

by AndyMarden
14 Apr 2021, 11:48
Forum: Spotting Asia & Middle East
Topic: Osan AB,RoK (RKSO/OSN) 2021 MIL
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Re: Osan AB,RoK (RKSO/OSN) 2021 MIL

Le Addeur noir wrote: 13 Apr 2021, 06:04 OSN Thursday 08th April visitors,
19-21043 UH-60M Co C 2-2nd AVN CARD40
19-21076 UH-60M Co ? 2-2nd AVN DRAGO71
DRAGO is Co C 3-2nd AVN (AA).
by AndyMarden
07 Apr 2021, 14:13
Forum: Vintage, warbirds and wrecks & relics
Topic: Mig cockpit at Maasbracht
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Re: Mig cockpit at Maasbracht

I would have replied if I had known anything Patrick....
by AndyMarden
28 Mar 2021, 14:00
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Thai Bell 412 + question
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Re: Thai Bell 412 + question

36303 (aircraft's c/n)
by AndyMarden
08 Mar 2021, 11:27
Forum: Spotting Germany
Topic: Augsburg (EDMA) CIV+MIL 2021
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Re: Augsburg (EDMA) CIV+MIL 2021

Thanks for the list. Isn't N2S-3 N9478H also based?
by AndyMarden
17 Feb 2021, 08:54
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Florida Preserved Trip Feb 2021
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Re: Florida Preserved Trip Feb 2021

Thanks for posting the log Colin.
The C-7A fuselage at Orlando is 61-2389/N6154T
by AndyMarden
16 Feb 2021, 12:42
Forum: Spotting Eire & UK
Topic: RAF Shawbury (EGOS/...) 2021 MIL
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Re: RAF Shawbury (EGOS/...) 2021 MIL

There was considerable debate about this one on various forums.
Photographic evidence showed it to be ZJ188.
by AndyMarden
26 Jan 2021, 11:37
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: KNZY/Naval Air Station North Island Jan 2021 MIL
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Re: KNZY/Naval Air Station North Island Jan 2021 MIL

21 Jan 2021 This last one was only seen from a distance (~5miles/8km) but I noticed a large helicopter flying between Naval Amphibious Base Coronado and the Silver Strand Training Complex. Every once in a while Island Tower would talk to them using the call sign 'Army 575.' I got one photo, like I ...
by AndyMarden
24 Jan 2021, 12:05
Forum: Ramstein
Topic: Hexcode AE119C / RCH048 22-01-21
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Re: Hexcode AE119C / RCH048 22-01-21

Hex AE119C has been used by both 03-3119 and 03-2126 for some years now.
by AndyMarden
19 Jan 2021, 12:14
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: The "black" C130/ L100's
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Re: The "black" C130/ L100's

Just a small addition. I saw 41901 at Greenville SC in Sep08.
by AndyMarden
15 Jan 2021, 12:37
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Alliance (KAFW) - Draken F-1 arrival
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Re: Alliance (KAFW) - Draken F-1 arrival

Are you sure it wasn't code 14-23, which is serial C.14-42 (N563EM).
by AndyMarden
04 Dec 2020, 12:31
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Royal International Air Tattoo 14-16 July 2017
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Re: Royal International Air Tattoo 14-16 July 2017

Location needs amending from Mildenhall.