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by merktech
06 Feb 2022, 17:53
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 6-2-2022
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EHHV 6-2-2022

noted at platform

PH-TTR for refuel
by merktech
06 Feb 2022, 17:52
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 5-2-2022
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Re: EHHV 5-2-2022

more additions most are locals on sat 5-2-2022

by merktech
24 Jan 2022, 18:09
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 23-01-2022
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EHHV 23-01-2022

EHHV 23-1-2022

PH-4H1 TL TL-3000 Sirius
PH-4Q1 Blackshape Prime BS100
PH-4Q7 Aerospool WT9 Dynamic
PH-ACH Reims/Cessna F-152
PH-ACX Diamond Da 20-A1
PH-BAE Aquilla A211
PH-GBA Piper PA 18-150 Super Cub
PH-VHA Tecnam P2002-JF
PH-VHC Tecnam P2002-JF
PH-VHD Tecnam P2002-JF
by merktech
24 Jan 2022, 18:08
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 16-01-2022
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EHHV 16-01-2022

Missed several notings on several days: 16-1-2022 at EHHV G-BCVH Reims/Cessna FRA-150 L local PH-4H1 TL TL-3000 Sirius local PH-944 Scheibe SF-25 C Falke local PH-CBN Reims/Cessna F-172 N local PH-CJC Piper PA 28-181 local PH-SKC Reims/Cessna F-172 N local PH-TGC Cessna 182 R local PH-VHD Tecnam P20...
by merktech
12 Jan 2022, 18:18
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: scramble gaat digitaal
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Re: Scramble Online live!

Hi guys, did already sign in for a new digital account, could not get access to the site publications, read the announcemnts, made 10 euro over by ING bank so i hope it will work out, did not recieve my money for the rest of the period, keep that en make sure you will still have enough menbers digit...
by merktech
11 Jan 2022, 20:13
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 11-01-2022
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Re: EHHV 11-01-2022

also on 11-02-2022:

by merktech
27 Dec 2021, 16:56
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 24-12-2021
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EHHV 24-12-2021

Seen on webcam on 24-12-2021

PH-HVB for refueling
by merktech
22 Dec 2021, 15:04
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: Uitfasering laatste CH-47D's
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Re: Uitfasering laatste CH-47D's

D-667 overhead EHSB NMM 22-12-2021 14:30 - 14;45
in formation with
by merktech
18 Nov 2021, 17:10
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 17-11-2021
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EHHV 17-11-2021

Only locals noted on 17-11

by merktech
15 Nov 2021, 15:30
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Preview of Scramble online!
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Re: Preview of Scramble online!

oke nice vieuws, i am missing in civil updates the dutch civil register updates, is this correct or not published yet
by merktech
29 Oct 2021, 17:11
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 29-10-2021
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EHHV 29-10-2021

On this sunny day seen at EHHV, D-KAUZ Scheibe SF-25 C Falke local PH-1133 Super Dimona HK-36 TC local PH-1466 Diamond HK-36 TTC local PH-4B7 Aerospool WT9 Dynamic local PH-4D2 Tecnam P92-2000 RG Echo PH-944 Scheibe SF-25 C Falke local PH-ALJ Tecnam P2000-JF local PH-CBN Reims/Cessna F-172 N local P...
by merktech
11 Oct 2021, 17:50
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Verlengen abonnement
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Re: Verlengen abonnement

As for sure i will follow, keep me/us posted and count me in as a digital member, let us hope all contributors/members wil keep on paying en maling the best of it, spotting aircraft.
by merktech
07 Oct 2021, 19:29
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Brief bij #509 niet voor iedereen!
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Re: Brief bij #509 niet voor iedereen!

ook ik als een wat "oudere" spotter ( born in1958) heb wat moeite met de manier waarop met de leden/donateurs wordt omgegaan, volgens mijn label ga ik meer tot 516, maar nummers ( in dit geval) interesseren me niet. geef dus duidelijk aan welk de laatste analoge papieren versie van Scramble id. waat...
by merktech
02 Sep 2021, 18:09
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: ouitside Nationaal Militair Museum Soesterberg
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ouitside Nationaal Militair Museum Soesterberg

Outside standing: o - Hawk o - Nike Ajax o - Nike Hercules o "250/V" Breguet 1150 Atlantic 6120 MLD c/s ex GAF 61+20 o "25385/FU-385" North American F-86 F Sabre 191-876 32FDS c/s ex FAP 5307 o "47" /red Mikoyan MiG-21 PFM 940MS13 - ex Sovjet AF o "61032/FC-032" F-102 A Delta Dagger - 32FIS c/s ex H...
by merktech
13 Aug 2021, 08:44
Forum: Hilversum
Topic: EHHV 11-08-2021
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Re: EHHV 11-08-2021

Lifeliner 3 on 11 aug was PH-UMC