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by dverhees
20 Apr 2014, 08:36
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: Increase in USAF action Eastern Europe
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Re: Increase in USAF action Eastern Europe

May be off topic since USAF isn't a big part of the NATO Tiger Meet annual exercise, but I'll bet certain nations will notice the Meet will have a large international presence. Cheers, Don
by dverhees
17 Apr 2014, 19:38
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Schelswig-Jagel: Nato Tiger Meet 16-28 June 2014
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Re: Schelswig-Jagel: Nato Tiger Meet 16-28 June 2014

Gentlemen and Lady Spotters: fear not, this year's lineup will be every bit as good and exciting as the last few years. A couple of types we haven't seen in a few years will be the Rafale-M from Flotille 11, and the Royal Naval version of the Merlin from 814 Sqn. We also expect a M-2000 from Mont-de...
by dverhees
02 Oct 2010, 00:55
Forum: Spotting Rest of Europe
Topic: Nato Tiger Meet 2011 Cambrai-Epinoy LFQI
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Re: Cambrai 9-20 May 2011: 50 years Tigers

Hans, good post. The operative word is "maybe". Everyone keep fingers crossed. Perhaps more news after the IPC next sunday. Don Verhees
by dverhees
24 Sep 2010, 03:27
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: 15 May Cambrai-Niergnies NATO Tigers Airshow
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Re: Cambrai 9-20 May 2011: 50 years Tigers

Spacedust is correct. Roughly same formula as Sanicole. Fast jets will stage from the big Cambrai. The squadrons will no doubt have lot's of new souvenirs for sale to mark the occasion. Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for the 2011 Tiger Meet will be held on Sunday, 10 Oct at Volkel. No info yet on...
by dverhees
14 Dec 2008, 10:21
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: NATO Tiger press articles
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NATO Tiger press articles

I've received the kind permission from a Scramble Honcho to post the following: We, the NATO Tiger Association, are coming up on our 50th Anniversary in 2011. We are already starting to gather material for a really nice large Souvenir Book to help us commemorate this milestone. In fact we have most ...
by dverhees
03 Nov 2008, 20:25
Forum: Photography
Topic: Looking for a couple of Photojournalists
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Looking for a couple of Photojournalists

Hi Scramblers, I'm trying to get in contact with a Mr Hans Nijhuis and /or Mr John A. MacDonald, who together authored an article titled "NATO Tiger Meet 1978" I found in an old "airextra" magazine. The Editors said they had lost contact with these guys. Anyone know of them, and how I can get to the...
by dverhees
14 Oct 2008, 00:32
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Off Topic NATO Tiger Meet spottersday 18 September 2009
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Chances of a B2 flyby

Hi Scramblers. Unfortunately the chances of a B2 flyby anytime in the next few years are "slim and none". In recent discussions with a 393 sq Commander I found out that there are still security issues with the stealth business, especially after some recent upgrades to this highly classified system. ...
by dverhees
21 Feb 2008, 20:52
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Spotters Day during Tiger Meet at Landivisiau 27 June
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Tiger Meet/Airshow/Spottersday Landivisiau 08

Note to all interested in our Tiger Meets. Flotille 11 volunteered to host NTM'08 at "the last minute" when 321SQ, Lechfeld had to cancel. This is a one-of-a-kind oportunity for them since the Carrier Charles de Gaulle is in drydock. The normal 11F schedule is tied to that of the CDG, the unpredicta...