Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

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Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by Starman »

Help required! Early on Monday 6th Feb we made an overflight of the facility but suffered a "camera malfunction".
In the area known as the South Maintenace Shelter (not actually a shelter these days) were the following;
6 x MH-60, 3 x MQ-8, 3 x F-16, 2 x AH-1 & an F-15 for which GMAP have been very helpful.
These were parked in three rows, N to S,
1st row; 2 x F-16 facing east, two MH-60s and the red/white AH-1s
2nd row; an F-16 facing west, 4 x MH-60s and the MQ-8s
3rd row; just an Eagle
Can anyone positively id the F-15/F-16s from their photos?
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by CJ »

Dave, I overflew the area on Feb 11. My pictures unfortunately are not good. However, with just a little bit of help from the GMAP site, I arrive at the following a/c:
first row:F-16Ds 83-1184LF and 85-1512LF, both 309th FS
2nd row: F-16C 84-1318LF, also 309th FS.
3rd 'row': F-15C 81-0042ZZ
Trust this helps.
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Piet Luijken
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by Piet Luijken »

From twitter:
The @FuerzaAereaCol (🇨🇴) has arrived at Davis–Monthan AFB in the United States (🇺🇸) for #RFR23 exercise with @AFSOUTH .

The Colombian contingent includes A-29B Super Tucanos and AH-60L Arpía both specialized in COIN operations.

A Colombian B737 also delivered personnel to base.

B737 is FAC1209
AH-60L is FAC4138

Piet Luijken
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by The DJ »

A-29B's FAC3102, 3103, 3104, 3108, 3109, 3114 were seen earlier this week.
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Richard de Florennes
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by Richard de Florennes »

DAVIS MONTHAN AFB MONDAY 13.03.2023_________ RW12/RW30
Weather: blue sky/few clouds, clear air, sunny, moderate wind, warm

(08:15 – 16:30 at both runway approach sides)

HC-130J 355thWG 11-719/DM T08:55
EC-130H 55thWG 73-595/DM T09:35
A-10C 355thWG 80-211/DM bl/yw L09:16
A-10C 355thWG 79-209/DM -/- L09:38 a3
A-10C 355thWG 78-712/DM wt/gd "355WG" L09:39
A-10C 355thWG 78-684/DM -/- L09:39
A-10C 355thWG 82-656/DM -/- L09:40
A-10C 355thWG 80-192/DM bl/yw L09:40
A-10C 355thWG 81-985/DM bl/yw L09:43
A-10C 355thWG 82-654/DM bl/yw L09:43
A-10C 355thWG 78-670/DM bl/yw L09:44
A-10C 355thWG 81-983/DM bl/yw L09:54 a2
A-10C 355thWG 81-958/DM yw/bk L10:01
A-10C 355thWG 81-969/-- yw/bk L10:01
A-10C 355thWG 79-168/DM yw/bk L10:07
A-10C 355thWG 80-159/DM yw/bk L10:07
A-10C 355thWG 81-976/-- yw/bk L10:15
A-10C 355thWG 78-694/DM yw/bk L10:15
A-10C 355thWG 81-945/DM yw/bk L10:25da2
A-10C 355thWG 81-956/DM yw/bk L10:30da2
A-10C 355thWG 78-638/DM yw/bk L10:35
A-10C 355thWG 80-275/DM yw/bk L10:35
A-10C 355thWG 80-270/DM yw/bk L11:13
T-1A 14thFTW 90-408/CB bk/yw 3A12:08
A-10C 924thFG 81-939/DP yw/gy L11:58
A-10C 924thFG 79-147/DP yw/gy L11:58
A-10C 924thFG 81-997/DP yw/gy L12:54
A-10C 924thFG 79-151/-- -/- L12:55
A-10C 924thFG 79-094/DP yw/gy L12:56 a0
A-10C 924thFG 79-197/DP yw/gy L12:59 a1
E-4B 595thCCG 31676 L13:03
HC-130J 355thWG 11-719/DM L11:35
HC-130J 355thWG 13-782/DM L13:16 a1
EC-130H 55thWG 73-586/DM L13:14 a2
EC-130H 55thWG 73-595/DM L14:27
HC-130J 53rdWG 09-108/OT L15:28
A-10C 355thWG 78-684/DM -/- L15:02 a0
A-10C 355thWG 78-712/DM wt/gd "355WG" L15:08 a1
A-10C 355thWG 81-985/DM bl/yw L15:05
A-10C 355thWG 81-983/DM bl/yw L15:06
A-10C 355thWG 78-670/DM bl/yw L15:23#4
A-10C 355thWG 82-654/DM bl/yw L15:23#4
A-10C 355thWG 79-209/DM -/- L15:24#4
A-10C 355thWG 80-211/DM bl/yw L15:24#4
A-10C 355thWG 81-976/-- yw/bk L16:04
A-10C 355thWG 78-638/DM yw/bk L16:05
A-10C 355thWG 78-694/DM yw/bk L16:11
A-10C 355thWG 80-275/DM yw/bk L16:11
A-10C 355thWG 81-958/DM yw/bk L16:13
A-10C 355thWG 80-159/DM yw/bk L16:14
A-10C 355thWG 81-945/DM yw/bk L16:15
A-10C 355thWG 79-168/DM yw/bk L16:15
KC-135R 22ndARW 00362 wt/bk 3A15:30
F-16D 162ndWG 85-509/DC -/- A15:54
F-16D 162ndWG 89-150/-- -/- A16:09
F-16C 162ndWG 87-275/WI rd/wt A16:16
F-16C 162ndWG 86-212/AT rd/yw A16:16
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Piet Luijken
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Re: Davis Monthan / AMARC 2023

Post by Piet Luijken »

LOG 19 October 2023

after arrival around 1100lt, we positioned at the North side, but after they switched landing, we positioned ourselves at the museum, near the tank, till 1700lt.

78-0552 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
78-0712 DM A-10C
79-0120 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
79-0150 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
79-0210 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
80-0160 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
80-0173 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
80-0181 DM A-10C 357th FS
80-0207 A-10C
80-0240 DM A-10C 357th FS
80-0273 A-10C
80-0279 DM A-10C 357th FS
81-0939 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
81-0944 DM A-10C 357th FS
81-0974 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC
81-0981 DM A-10C 354th FS
82-0663 DP A-10C 47th FS/AFRC

Parked at the squadron ramp:
65-0967 DM EC-130H
73-1583 DM EC-130H
73-1586 DM EC-130H
73-1587 DM EC-130H
73-1595 DM EC-130H

90-26224 DR HH-60G 305th RQS/AFRC parked in its camo heritage c/s

87-0275 WI F-16C arrived
90-0750 WA F-16CM 16th WPS test flight

Greetings Reinold and Piet

Piet Luijken
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