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Aerospatiale / Alenia ATR42 & ATR72

2 records found

Updated: 2021-06-14 20:42:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
EI-REI ATR72-201 267 CityJet 28 Mar 2015 opb Stobart Air
EI-EHH ATR42-310 196 CityJet 28 Nov 2014 opb Stobart Air

BAe BAe146

103 records found

Updated: 2021-06-08 20:48:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
EI-CNB BAe146-200 E2046 CityJet 7 Aug 1996
G-OWLD BAe146-200 E2031 CityJet 18 Nov 1996
EI-RJT BAe146-RJ85 E2366 CityJet Jul 2007 Wfu 30apr19
EI-RJZ BAe146-RJ85 E2326 CityJet 22 Nov 2008 Wfu 16feb20, canx. 12jun20
EI-RJP BAe146-RJ85 E2363 CityJet 18 Aug 2006
EI-CMY BAe146-200 E2039 CityJet 19 Jun 1996
EI-RJO BAe146-RJ85 E2352 CityJet 2 Apr 2007
EI-WXA BAe146-RJ85 E2310 CityJet 3 Oct 2008 Wfu aug16, canx. 16may19
EI-RJR BAe146-RJ85 E2364 CityJet 27 Nov 2006
EI-WXB BAe146-RJ85 E2311 CityJet Sep 2008 Never in service, canx. 29jan14
EI-RJY BAe146-RJ85 E2307 CityJet 28 Jan 2009 Wfu 25nov19
EI-RJS BAe146-RJ85 E2365 CityJet Apr 2007
EI-RJV BAe146-RJ85 E2370 CityJet 15 Sep 2007
EI-CMS BAe146-200A E2044 CityJet 24 Apr 1996
EI-RJU BAe146-RJ85 E2367 CityJet Aug 2007 Wfu 22mar20
EI-RJN BAe146-RJ85 E2351 CityJet 18 May 2007
EI-RJX BAe146-RJ85 E2372 CityJet 8 Nov 2007 opf Air France
EI-RJC BAe146-RJ85 E2333 CityJet 7 Dec 2007 Wfu 12oct17
EI-CJP BAe146-100 E1160 CityJet 21 May 1994 opf Virgin Atlantic Airways / Wfu 19mar95
EI-RJS BAe146-RJ85 E2365 CityJet 25 Jul 2007
EI-RJL BAe146-RJ85 E2349 CityJet 3 Mar 2008 opf Air France
EI-RJW BAe146-RJ85 E2371 CityJet Nov 2007 opf Air France
EI-RJD BAe146-RJ85 E2334 CityJet 11 Aug 2007
EI-RJK BAe146-RJ85 E2348 CityJet 23 Jan 2008 opf Air France
EI-RJF BAe146-RJ85 E2337 CityJet 2 Sep 2007 Wfu 07mar20
EI-RJI BAe146-RJ85 E2346 CityJet Jun 2007 opf Air France
EI-RJA BAe146-RJ85 E2329 CityJet 23 Oct 2007 Wfu 03mar14
EI-RJM BAe146-RJ85 E2350 CityJet Apr 2008 opf Air France
EI-CNB BAe146-200 E2046 CityJet 23 Oct 1998
EI-RJP BAe146-RJ85 E2363 CityJet 22 Dec 2006 opf Air France / Canx. 07mar12
EI-CMY BAe146-200 E2039 CityJet 1999 opf Air France
EI-RJO BAe146-RJ85 E2352 CityJet Apr 2010 opf Air France
EI-DEW BAe146-300 E3142 CityJet 20 May 2004 opf Air France
EI-CWD BAe146-200A E2108 CityJet 13 Jun 2001 opf Air France
EI-RJR BAe146-RJ85 E2364 CityJet 19 Feb 2007 opf Air France
EI-RJW BAe146-RJ85 E2371 CityJet Aug 2014 Wfu 31aug19
EI-RJJ BAe146-RJ85 E2347 CityJet Feb 2008 opf Air France
EI-RJE BAe146-RJ85 E2335 CityJet 9 Mar 2007 opf Air France
EI-DEX BAe146-300 E3157 CityJet 11 Jun 2004 opf Air France / Wfu 24apr08, canx. 23jan09
EI-RJG BAe146-RJ85 E2344 CityJet Dec 2007 opf Air France
EI-DEV BAe146-300 E3123 CityJet 10 Mar 2004 opf Air France
EI-RJI BAe146-RJ85 E2346 CityJet 17 Jun 2014
EI-RJB BAe146-RJ85 E2330 CityJet Jun 2007 opf Air France
EI-RJN BAe146-RJ85 E2351 CityJet 25 Oct 2018 opf Aer Lingus / Wfu 16feb19, canx. 04aug20
EI-RJX BAe146-RJ85 E2372 CityJet May 2012 Leinster Rugby c/s, wfu 05apr19
G-OWLD BAe146-200 E2031 CityJet 10 Jan 1997 opf Air France Express
G-TBIC BAe146-200 E2025 CityJet 26 Jan 1998
EI-RJH BAe146-RJ85 E2345 CityJet 1 Apr 2008 opf Air France

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