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Cessna Citation family (model 500 to 750)

12 records found

Updated: 2021-07-26 19:04:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
N54TS Ce501 501-0643/293 Sierra Industries Dec 2005
N224KC CeS550 S550-0104 Sierra Industries Apr 2006
N54TS Ce501 Stallion 501-0643/293 Sierra Industries 2006 Converted from Ce501 to Ce501 Sierra Stallion
N506TF Ce501 501-0001/351 Sierra Industries Jan 2007
N506TF Ce501 Eagle II 501-0001/351 Sierra Industries Apr 2007 Converted from Ce501 to Ce501 Sierra Eagle II
N999GR Ce550 550-0097/104 Sierra Industries Feb 2007
N11HJ Ce500 500-0034/0034 Sierra Industries Nov 2005
N600SR Ce500 500-0236/0236 Sierra Industries Nov 1994
N321TS Ce501 501-0155/564 Sierra Industries Oct 2006
N520BH Ce501 501-0143/535 Sierra Industries Mar 2007
N420SS Ce550 550-0469/469 Sierra Industries Aug 2007
N347MH Ce501 501-0155/564 Sierra Industries May 2007

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