Gibraltar-North Front

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Last Validated
City Gibraltar
Position 36°09'05"N 005°20'56"W
Runway(s) 09/27
Elevation 15 ft


Though not the busiest airport in the world it certainly ranks high in the list of 'particular' airports. Gibraltar, situated on the border of Spain and Gibraltar (UK territory), is an airport with a number of special features. Apart from having its runway partly built in the Mediterranean the passageway to Gibraltar is so narrow that you have to cross the runway to enter the city. To top it off the Rock of Gibraltar offers the opportunity to get a top view of the airport. There are plenty spots to position yourself for nice pictures. The only down side of the airport is that it is not very busy. British Airways and Monarch operate a regular flight between Gibraltar and the UK and there's the odd military visitor (cargo).

Getting There

Finding the airport is very easy. From the Southern Spanish highway N340/E15 just follow the road signs to Gibraltar and you will automatically end up at airport.

Around the Airport

1From Spain

From the Spanish side you have a good view of the airport and are able to take pics of the aircraft in take-off (from runway 09) or landing (runway 27, if this is ever in use). You are facing the sun but the spot offers opportunities for creative shots. To get here just pass along the border and keep heading for the highway again. Just before the road bends left you can turn right and park your car. Walk onto the beach and position yourself to your liking. You are facing the sun though during the major part of the day.

2On the runway 1

Gibraltar is one of the very few airports that offers the opportunity to be very near (or better 'nearly on') the runway during operations. Due to the limited space the entry road to Gibraltar crosses the runway. Whenever aircraft come in barriers are closed to prevent traffic from crossing. If you are at the barrier you can take really nice pics depending on the position of the sun (that you are facing during the major part of the day).

3On the runway 2

On the other side of the runway the same procedure; position yourself at the barrier and take you preferred shot. Both positions 'on the runway' are not the spots you ought to be hanging around all day.


An option to photograph parked aircraft on the South side of the airport is from the cemetary. This cemetary can be reached from Devil's Tower Road and is signposted.

5Runway 27

When runway 27 is in use you can position yourself on the beach from the UK-side as well. This area is called Eastbeach and can be reached by turning left from Devil's Tower Road once you are very near to the sea. Both photography and reading is very good from here.

6From the Rock 1

For a nice top view of the airport you have to visit the Rock. This position is excellent for pics though the best shots are made if you bring a powerfull telelens (400mm digital). Then again, smaller lenses also give you shots that you are not able to make somewhere else. To get here you have to follow the road signs to the Moorish Castle and the Military Heritage Centre. You can either take your car up the Rock (tricky and narrow) or park downtown and climb the rock (hard and tiresome).

7From the Rock 2

Another position on the Rock offers the opportunity to view the 09 approach and take pictures.

8Ferry terminal

A very nice spot to photograph the aircraft when runway 09 is in use is from a position near the ferry terminal. From here you can picture the aircraft approaching the airfield in the bay or just above the runway. To get here follow the directions to the terminal and turn right on a roundabout just before you reach this terminal.


The final spot mentioned here is the Marina. From a pier in the Marina you have a very nice view of the runway and you can photograph the aircraft on the runway (either during landing, take off or while taxying).

Though you need a powerfull lens it is possible to take really nice pics at Gibraltar. This B757 was shot from position 6 with 400mm digital, Luis Rosa

A RAF Hawk just before touchdown, shot from spot 8, Coert van Breda



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Gibraltar-North Front

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