Xiaotangshan - China Aviation Museum

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Xiaotangshan - China Aviation Museum

Post by Homer »


Just finalised the bulk on two articles on the China Aviation Museum (aka Datangshan); a regular overview and a pictorial overview

I see the purpose of this second article as to give a historical overview of this museum, and help enthusiasts to identify all airframes present here.<br>
I did not take images of all airframes, and I'll be the first to acknowledge not all are of a good quality :-)
So when you have other images, please add them or even replace mine!

So when you have images of ....
  • Current airframes not yet in the pictorial overview: the P-40 replica, the AH-64 replica, the Zimbabwe Provost, Il-62 "B-2024", the MiG-17/J5 without outer skin, J5 "31581" and L-5 "15"...
  • Older images of those current airframes, preferably when with other colour schemes etc, especially when pre-2000...
  • Images of aircraft not noted during our visit (those in historical overview). And again those pre-2000 are especially welcome.
  • Better quality then mine, in particular those in the cavern.
  • Any other image which enhances our understanding of the airframes in this museum (present or past)
.... please do upload them and add them to this overview!


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Post by Tingy »

Hi Homer,

Nice job, I have been there 2 tears agoo, and stilldidn`t work it out.
This will helps me a lot.

Good luck

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Re: Xiaotangshan - China Aviation Museum (Datangshan)

Post by Eggroll70 »

Hi, if you are planning a visit, remember [b]the Museum is closed fom June 15 to September 30, 2009[/b] because of a total makeover.
I was there today and the place looked almost empty, there were lots of workers busy. The duty officer told me to come back on october 1. :(
73's Jim van de Burgt

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