Stockholm - Bromma

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Last Validated Aug 2014
City Stockholm
Position 59°21'16"N 017°56'30"E
Runway(s) 12/30
Elevation 47 ft


Bromma is a relatively small airport close to the centre of Stockholm (less than 10 km) with mainly domestic services operated by Braathens Regional and Malmö Aviation. In addition Brussels Airlines and Sun Ai fly across the border and a lot of general aviation can be found here. Due the proximity of the city also the VIP aircraft of the Swedish Air Force are based here.
The airport opening hours for air traffic Monday - Friday 07:00 - 22:00, Saturday 09:00 - 17:00 and Sunday 12:00 - 22:00, local times.


Bromma has a single runway that is oriented northwest-southeast. Nearly all facilities are on the north side of the runway, with only a small number of hangars on the south side. The remains of the former northeast-southwest runway are still clearly visible on aerial photos. The eastern end is now occupied by a hangar with apron, the western side is surrounded by a golf terrain. Just north of this golf site the preserved Convair is located.

Getting There

Bromma Airport is signposted from the E4 highway that runs from Stockholm to Üppsala. The main entrance is off the 279 road.
The following local (SL) bus lines run to and from Stockholm-Bromma Airport: Bus 110 to/from Alvik, where there is a local Tunnelbana (metro train) and streetcar station, and Bus 152 to/from Älvsjö Station (Stockholm International Fairs) via Solna and Sundbyberg.
There is also a regular direct bus service between the airport and the Central Station. This is operated by Flygbussarna.

Around the Airport

1Terminal Area

Easy to reach spot as it is just behind the main terminal buildings where busses stop. There is a hill from where on top of it you have a good view over the airport, though the terminal buildings do block the view on the aprons. For both take-off and landing shots this place provides good opportunities as you have the runway in front of you without any obstacles. They are within distance sufficient for a 80-200 mm lens. Also when runway 30 is in use, aircraft use the taxi track just in front of you. The disadvantage of this spot is that you have the sun rather soon in front of you. Best time is early morning, but during winter days you are facing the sun mostly all of the time.
To the east is the GrafAir platform where general aviation aircraft park. It is sometimes used for military and VIP visitors. That is why this area is explicitely forbidden due to negative experiences with paparazzis...

2Hangar Area

Here you can try to peak through the jungle of hangars and buildings and possible have a look on the rather hidden platforms. Some hangars even have windows at the back. The bigger ‘blue’ hangar to the southwest is Flygvapnet’s and is used for its VIP aircraft, as the Tp102. Ramp shots are sometimes possible over the fence. The focal length needed depends on the distance and type of aircraft (50-300 mm).

3Runway 12

This is the spot to go to when runway 12 is in use. You can stand along the fence at the bicycle path to take photos, but it is better to climb up the rocks for a bit higher point so it is possible to take photos over the fence. This spot is good for both take-off, line up and landing shots. The sun is in your back most of the times, but in the morning it could be slightly tricky if you want to take pics to the east.
When runway 30 is in use, aircraft sometimes, but very seldom, run all the way to the end of the runway during a runway 30 landing, like Brussels Airlines.

4Centreline runway 12

If you follow the bicycle track from spot 3 to the north you reach a sport where you are standing right below the runway 12 approach. It could be possible to make some nice shots from a different angle. A bit to the left or right, you can take a bit more side-shots with 50-100 mm.
On the other hand, when they use runway 30, interesting take-off shots can be made here. The planes are already at a higher altitude but still reasonable for photos. And if you have a lot mms (at least 400mm) you can make lift off shots at the runway when a runway 30 take-off is performed. It is quite a nice spot, especially if you like a different angle for your pics. When looking to the airport the sun is mostly on your right hand side, but probably you will face the sun during morning hours. The afternoon is the better time for this spot.


The bicycle track along the back of some hangars is the probably best location for having a closer look at the preserved Convair. Photography is difficult, as there is a double fence. You can park your car on the parking lot of the golf club west of this spot.
If you go a bit to the east from this spot (in the corner of the biking track) there are some possibilities to check the aprons and terminal at the north side.

6Runway 30

If runway 30 is in use this is the place to be both for take off, line-up, and landing. You have a very good overview over the whole airport and the sun is behind you all day (winter) or mid morning (summer). There are a couple of different positions.
The first one is near the pole, providing you with very nice view on runway 30: line up and landing shots with higher perspective. A spot somewhat further to the west, down at the gate, gives you a lower perspective on line up and rolling shots. Finally the second hill to the west allows making take-off and touchdown shots from higher perspective again. If runway 12 is in use take-off shots can be made here too, but aircraft are already at relative high altitude.
To reach this spot, you need to take a forest path leading from the road Kvarnbacksvägen (in the industrial area west of the spot). This path leads through the forest to the spot. Then find your place and make yourself comfortable.

7Approach runway 30

Here you can either stand on top of the hill or down at the fence, along a bicycle track. Be aware security may come and check what you are doing at the fence. Line up shots at runway 30 and landing shots are possible here from a more southern position. You are looking at the runway and by climbing up the rocks you can avoid the fence. You can reach the spot by taking a path from the biking track along Ulvsundavägen into the forest. There you have to find your way to the fence.
A bit further north on the biking path you are standing straight under the approach but that could be nice for some frontal landing shots. Yet, you cannot look at the runway as it lies a bit higher.

This Saab 340 is lining up at runway 12 here and Corné Uittenbogaard captured it from spot 3.

When runway 30 is used a small rocky hill gives you an excellent position for landing photos. Corné Uittenbogaard took this photo of Tp102 of the Swedish Air Force from spot 6.



Based Operators

TransportflygenhetOS100 (Saab 340), Tp102 (G-IV)
Bromma Air MaintenanceBeech 200
Bromma Business JetFalcon 7X, Falcon 900EX
GrafairCe208, Ce550
Hummingbird Aviation ServicesAS350, Bell 206, Ce525, Lj45, R44


SE-CCXThis Convair 440 is property of the museum at Arlanda.

More Info

Bromma AirportThe official site of the airport.
FlygbussarnaTimetable of direct bus service between airport and city centre.

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