Grenoble - Isère (St. Geoirs)

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City Grenoble
Runway(s) 09/27
Elevation 1302 ft


Grenoble-St.Geoirs, or Isère aeroport as it is now known, has profited from the take off of low cost carriers and is being serviced by most of them.


The airport has a east-west runway with most of the activities taking place south of that. The north side has a ramp and some modern hangars as well. It houses the civil flight school.

Getting There

The airport is about 40 km northwest of downtown Grenoble along the D119 which itself can be reached from the A48 Lyon-Grenoble highway.

Around the Airport

1Terminal area

From the terminal area you can see the western general aviation ramp, just southwest of the terminal. From east of the terminal, right when facing it, you can see the aircraft parked on the main ramp.

2West side approach

Leave the airport terminal area and go right on the D119. After about 3 km there is a roundabout, go right taking the first exit. After that, go right again into a small road. This is about the centreline of the approach to runway 09 so proceed until the road meets another. Go right and left again immediately after. This road veers to the right and goes up to the fence.

3South side taxiway

From the roundabout at the airport entrance take the last exit before the entry to the D119. Follow this to the first roundabout and go right on the track towards the fence. You will find yourself close to the taxiway and from this point take-offs in both directions are sweet also.

4East side approach

From the small road that leads past the threshold of runway 27 or from the D154 you should be able to find a position for suitable landing shots.

5North side ramp view

Probably the easiest way to get here is to go back to the airport entrance and make a right into Avenue Louis Blériot. This runs on the airfield counter-clockwise around the 27 threshold. Alternatively, take the northbound D154. There are several farmland roads that lead to the fence from the north side, pick one that is west of the SEFA hangars should you wish to spot the light training aircraft.


119.300Tower / Approach

Based Operators

Service Formation Aéronautique (SEFA)TB10, TB20,
Beech 58, Cap 10,
DR400-180, DA40,

More Info

Grenoble airportOfficial site

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