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Last Validated Apr 2011
City Niederstetten
Position 49°23'31"N 009°57'29"E
Runway(s) 07/25
Elevation 1536 ft


One of the ever rarer places to find Huey helicopters. This army base is seldom visited, and mostly by base tour. Therefore, little is known about spotting opportunities from outside of the base.


The base has an east-west runway with grass manoeuvring areas north and south of it as well as various ramps on the south side. All buildings are on the south and east side too.

Getting There

The airfield is situated south of the L1020 road, which is east of Niederstetten village. It can be reached from the west by taking the no.3 exit off Highway A81, and following the B290 road to Bad Mergentheim. From there you can take two routes. Follow the B290 road until you reach the L1020 towards Niederstetten, or routeing through Bad Mergentheim on the B19 then toward to the east on L2251 towards Weikersheim, from which you have to make a right southward to Niederstetten on the L1001 road. From Niederstetten you will have to take the road L1020 eastward to Wildentierbach to get to the northern side of the base.

If you approach from the south on Highway A7, you should take exit 108 and follow the L2250 road into Rothenburg ob ter Tauber. Exiting the town on the eastside by road L2268, make sure you get off this road by making a sharp left turn onto road L1020 crossing the Tauber river. Follow this road through the villages Reutsachsen and Schwarzenbron. Keep following the L1020 until it reaches the L1005, go left (south) towards Spielbach. There is a shortcut, take the L1026 southwest and you will cut a corner and reach the L1005 as well. In Spielbach you have to stay on the L1005 and make a right (west) just south of town on the L1026 towards Unterreichenrot. Follow this road to Unterreichenroth, then take the K2600/K2891 to Heimberg, and Wildentierbach. In Wildentierbach, take the road south towards Höllhof, and Oberstetten.

Lastly, when coming from the east on Highway A6, take exit 46. Go northwest on B290 road towards Wallhausen, Rot am See, and Blaufelden. On the outskirts of Blaufelden you have to make a right (north) on L1001 towards Schrozberg. In Schrozberg follow the L1001 towards Oberstetten. This route might be faster than the one from the south described above. If you want to try this, do not follow the A7 north but take the A6 west on Autobahnkreuz Feuchtwangen Crailsheim. Exit 46 will be the second exit then.

Around the Airport

1Southern side ramp view

Niederstetten is a difficult place to spot at. Take the road south out of Wildentierbach towards Höllhof, and to Oberstetten from there. The roads bends north, sharply to the west and then to the south again. At this point, you will have to make your way towards the hangars on farmland tracks. Some peeks are possible here.

2Western approach

The western approach can be reached from spot 1 by following the road along the fence. Alternatively, try to get onto the Heftensteige road from Niederstetten. This should take you to the perimeter and approach as well. Currently, construction works prevent a clear view from this spot.

3Eastern approach

Venturing into farmland is the name of the game here. The eastern approach can be reached by taking the small roads off the road running parallel and south to the L1020 towards Wildentierbach. Take the first right after the airfield perimeter fence ends.

Alternatively, head east from spot 1 and 2. Keep the fence and airfield to your left and follow it counter-clockwise.


257.800 / 122.100Tower (NATO common)
251.250 / 369.000Radar
123.300 / 139.300Radar
385.400 / 135.600Radar (alt)

Based Operators



77+11Alouette 2, at gate
'73+09'UH-1D, at gate

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