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Armenia-El Edén 2007

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Date: 30 June/1 July 2007

Made by:


FAC1260			CN235M-100	Esc811
FAC5115	                DHC-2		nn	      
FAC1952	                IAI201		Esc113        
FAC3047	                Kfir C7		Esc111	      
(1x)		        Mirage 5COAM	Esc112
FAC62	                PT-17		EMAVI	      
FAC2320, FAC2330	T-34/285	EMAVI	
FAC2333, FAC2337	T-34/285	EMAVI	
FAC2342			T-34/285	EMAVI	
FAC2430			T-41D(F)	EMAVI	
HK-632P, HK-835P	PA-18A		
HK-3149P		PT-17		MNT	
HK-3774			Ce208		Viana	
HK-4107			DHC-8-311	AIRES	
HK-4398			BAe31		Al. de Antioquia	
MNT = Museo Nacional de Transporte, Calí

The Air Festival is the premier event for light aviation in Colombia 
and was held for the first time thirty years ago at the same airport. 
The festival moved from October to the summer and was not held for two 
years as not to interfere with the F-AIR in Rionegro. Most of the pilots 
and people participating know each other and the ambience is therefore 
very familiar. The main activities are related to light aviation, so, 
the airport ramp is full with ultra lights and small props, but also the 
commercial aviation and military aviation participate. The both days the 
airport was open to the public from 10.00 am. Flying demonstrations took 
place all day with low passes of aircraft, acrobatic flights, parachuting 
and paragliding. The static was located on the ramp of the airfield. 
Opportunities for pictures of the static are limited if you are inside 
the fence because the ramp is small and the aircraft are very close to 
each other. The taxiway and runway were fine for photography. The light 
conditions at the airport are very nice; usually the region has very nice 
weather with very little clouds and blue sky with bright sun. In order to 
take pictures you must go in the afternoon because the only angle to see 
the static and runway from inside the fence is from the west. Another 
interesting tip about the festival is that the airport is never closed for 
normal operations; you have a nice opportunity to be very close to regular 
normal ramp operations.

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