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Singapore-Changi 1996

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Date: 10 February 1996

Made by:

Updated: 8 February 2003

* = also flying
CH01               C-130H       20sm
609/3-XD           Mirage 2000D EC03.003
88-0330/WM         B-2A         393rd BS  06feb only
78-0485/ZZ?        F-15C        67th FS
90-0802/MJ         F-16C        14th FS/35th FW 
89-0158            CH-47D       B/214th AVN 		M3312
95-26658           UH-60L       Sikorsky 		702149
165094/JR-094      C-20G        VR-48
164670/DT-11       F/A-18D      VFMA(AW)-242
165325             AH-1W        Bell-Textron 		26349
163867/WF-02       AV-8B        VMA-513
C-FUBE/146411      CH-146       Textron/CAF
598                Su-27P       TPS                * 	36911037820
1001               K-8          Nanchang           * 	L8320101
A-2306             CN235-220M   Indonesia AF/2sq
EC-144             C212-300     Thailand Army	     	A83-1-446
B-546L             Y7H-500      AVIC-XAC 		007H03
C-FWRE             Bell 407
C-FWZI             Bell 430                        *
F-GJMV             ATR42-500    AI(R)
C-GQBA             CL-416       Alitalia sticker   *
F-WREX             Falcon 900EX Dassault Aviation
G-BWKY/(D-AVRJ)    BAe146-RJ85  Lufthansa
HB-HMR             PC-7 MkII    Pilatus
HL5226             BAe4100      Seoul Air
HS-RGR             PA-46-350P				4636005
N404SP             G.1159C
N500TH             Ce208        Transmile Air		208B0500
N877SE             CRJ100       TAG Aviation
N959H              BAe125-800A  (+Malaysian flag)
N1012S             Beech B200				BB-1512
N2004              Falcon 2000
N8167Y             Beech 400A				RK7-67
RA-06511           Aeroprakt A20
RA-31099           Ka-32T       Firebomber		90 10
SE-028/(V7-9509?)  Saab 2000    Air Marshall Is.
(VH-HZC)/(HKG-21)  S-76C(GP)    Lloyds/'NAVY'
VH-OXF             Beech 350    Five Star Aviation	FL-122
9M-CAL             Lj60        CAA Malaysia		034
9V-ATF             Lj31A        Singapore Al		033D

Static near freightapron:
74-2133/YJ         C-130H       36th AS
79-1951            KC-10A       60th AMW
94-0067            C-17A        437th AW           *
162999/YD-999      P-3C         VP-4
164851/TA-07       SH-60B       HSL-51 			701834?
D-CDXI/(B-12281)   Do328-110    Formosa Al
N7771              B777-200     Boeing
RA-64006           Tu-204-220   Bravia
RA-96000           IL-96M       Ilyushin OKB

Military apron on other side runway 02L/20R:
F-GIDE             Falcon 900   Dassault Aviation
B01                Rafale B     Dassault Aviation  *
90-0324            AH-64D       MDH
711, 712           Fokker 50    Sing. AF/121sq
714, 715, 716      Fokker 50ME  Sing. AF/121sq
717, 718           Fokker 50ME  Sing. AF/121sq

1x                 A-4          Sing. AF/demo c/s
..-..../MJ         F-16C        35th FW
....../DT-00       F/A-18D      VMFA(AW)-242
14/2-FO            Mirage 2000C EC02.002

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