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Last Validated Oct 2013
City Dallas
Position 32°39'50"N 097°05'40"W
Runway(s) 16/34
Elevation 628 ft


Arlington Municipal Airport is a public use airport located four nautical miles (7 km) south of the central business district of Arlington, a city in Tarrant County, Texas, United States. This airport is publicly owned by City of Arlington. Arlington Municipal is currently used for general aviation purposes. Several companies operate aircraft services on the airport property, including the Bell Helicopter division of Textron. The airport has occasional military traffic, mainly Bell helicopters.(source: Wikipedia).


The airport has one north-south orientated runway. East of the runway, located onto S Collins Street are most of the hangars and FBOs. On the west side, Bell Helicopters has its hangars and ramp.

Getting There

The airport is south of Interstate 20 and west of South Collins Road. At Interstate 20, eastbound take the exit 451/Collins Street/New York Avenue and continue onto S Collins Street; westbound, take exit 451/Collins Street, take a left at the end to continue onto S Collins Street.

Around the Airport

1At the Aprons

At this spot, you have a good view onto the aprons and possible visitors. To arrive here, take the exit to the right after passing the ATP sign. Drive to the fence, there are ample parking places, and move around for a good spot.

2At South Aprons

At this spot, you have a good view onto the Southern aprons, if anything happens here. To arrive here, continue on S Collins Drive, and take a right at the Trinity Authority of Texas building. Drive around the building to have a good view.

3Morning landing at runway 34

Morning landings can be spotted at this position. Drive along S Collins drive, pass SE Green Oaks Boulevard, and park at Exxon gas station and walk towards the grass area behind it.

4Afternoon landing at runway 34

Afternoon shots for runway 34 can be had at this spot. From spot 3, continue at the SE Green Oaks Boulevard, make a 180 degrees turn at the Animal Shelter back on the SE Green Oaks Boulevard eastbound. Just before the runway, there is a small road, blocked by a gate, which runs to the tower. Park here and position yourself. Do not block the gate of course.

5Bell Helicopter

The Bell Helicopter facility is sometimes used by helicopters and tiltrotors for direct approaches and departures. The Osprey Road leads to the factory. Before the factory are some meadows which can be used to walk to the fence. The road is connected to the I-20 Frontage Road, which is one-way/eastbound only. On I-20 eastbound, take therefore exit 450/Matlock Road, and continue straight ahead on the next crossing. On the _20 westbound, take exit 450/Matlock Road, take a right at the next crossing and a right at the second crossing. You are now on the I-20 Frontage Road. After passing Furr's Fresh Buffet, take the second right. Alternatevily, to stay less close to the Bell Helicopter factory, stay near this crossing.

6Morning landing at runway 16

To arrive at this spot, while driving Interstate 20, eastbound take the exit 451/Collins Street/New York Avenue and park your car at the grass area in front of the McDonalds. Coming from the I-20 westbound, take exit 451/Collins Street, pass the I-20 overhead, drive into the McDonalds parking and park your car, then walk up to the grass behind the McDonalds.

7Afternoon Landings at runway 16

Spot 7 is used for afternoon landing traffic onto runway 16, Either follow the instructions of spot 6 and walk up to the other side of the extended centerline, or follow the instructions for spot 5 and continue a bit after passing the beforementioned crossing to park at a small road on the right.


118.850Regional CLNC DEL
135.975/379.900Regional APP/DEP

Based Operators

Bell Helicoptervarious

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