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TSTC Waco Airport is a public use airport located eight nautical miles northeast of the central business district of Waco. The airport is owned by Texas State Technical College (TSTC). Before 1968, it was known as James Connally Air Force Base, used as a pilot training base under the Air Training Command. L-3 Communications Integrated Systems / Waco Integration and Modification Center has his major refurbishment center here for aircraft like the EP-3s,E-6s and EC-130s. (source: wikipedia)


The airport has two perpendicular runways, from north to south. At the west side is the main apron, on the south side is the L-3 apron.

Getting There

The airport of Waco is located east of the Highway 77, north of the city of Waco. Driving on this highway, take exit 342 towards route 2417/Crest Drive/Craven Avenue. At the crossing, go east onto Crest Drive towards the airport.

Around the Airport

1Near the Tower

From Crest Drive, take the second right onto Airline Drive. This road runs along the apron. Near the tower, there is a parking. From here you have a view onto the aprons.

2Near L-3 apron

From spot 1, continue south along the apron on Airline Drive. Before the last large hangar, there is a bit of grass. park your car, walk up onto the fence to see some parked aircraft awaiting maintenance with L-3.

3Landing to the North

From spot 2, continue on Airline Drive towards the end of runways 35. Here you have a view onto the landing on both runways, although in the afternoon it is best for photography. Furthermore, you will have a good view onto the southern L-3 aprons.

4L-3 aprons

From spot 3, continue past the centerline of runways 35. Take a right onto Concord Road. park your car at the grass triangle just before the L-3 gate. Here, you partly have a view onto the L-3 apron. For all, you might have to move around a bit.

5Landing to the South

Continue driving on Crest Drive, past the apron on the north side. Continue on the road, past the extended runways 17 to arrive at the east side of the runways. Here you have a good view on landing aircraft on ruwnays 17, for photography, mornings are best.

At Waco, you can expect some surprises, like this Hercules now flying with the Polish Air Force. This shot was made from Aviation Parkway, close to spot 4. Photo: Reinold Kalsbeek

Many trainers use Waco for some approaches, like this one, shot at spot 4 by Reinold Kalsbeek.


124.000/255.700 Tower
126.125/227.125 Departure
135.200/227.125 Arrival

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