Corpus Christi-Cabaniss Field NOLF

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Last Validated 8-12-2015
City Corpus Christi
Position 27°42'10"N 097°26'20"W
Runway(s) 13/31, 17/35
Elevation 30 ft


Cabaniss Naval Outlying Landing Field is an airfield located in the southwestern outskirts of Corpus Christi, Texas. Cabaniss was an auxiliary field for Corpus Christi Naval Air Station during World War II and the Korean War. It closed in 1958 and is now used for circuit training of aircraft from NAS Corpus Christi. It is occasionally used for non-spectator Sports Car Club of America [SCCA] events. This field is mostly used by TC-12s and T-44s.


Cabaniss Field NOLF has two active runways and several taxiways. There are no facilities on the field.

Getting There

To get to Cabaniss Field NOLF, take the I-358 around Corpus Christi towards Padre Island. Take the I-286 to the right towards Chapman Ranch. When the roads narrows and you see the field at your left, take the first exit left onto Ayers Street.

Around the Airport

1Landing on runway 17

When aircraft are landing on runway 17 with southerly winds, this is a good spot for nice banking shots. Drive onto Ayers street and take Pollux Avenue to the left. Park your car and position yourself.

2landing on runway 13

When landing on runway 13, park your car at Ayers Street just after you left the I-286, maybe on the lanby close to the runway and position yourself.

This shot by Henk Spek was taken at spot 1 with landings on runway 13 in the early afternoon.


119.650/299.600NAVY Cabaniss Tower
125.400/363.100Corpus APP/DEP

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