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Athens 2009

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Date: 25 March 2009

Made by: Scramble


2049, 2052 		CL-415GR 	383 MEEA
156747 			TA-7C 		335 MV
158825 			A-7E 		335 MV 		#
160616 			A-7E 		335 MV 		$
160728 			A-7E 		335 MV
01508, 01524 		F-4E (AUP) 	338 MPK
01525, 01534 		F-4E (AUP) 	338 MPK
518, 519 		F-16C 		340 Mira
522, 533 		F-16C 		340 Mira
ES914, ES917 		CH-47SD 	4 TEAS
ES1001, ES1011 		AH-64A 		1 TEEP
ES1018, ES1020 		AH-64A 		1 TEEP
PN56, PN60 		S-70B 		2 MEN
PN28, PN30 		AB212ASW 	1 MEN
SX-HPD, SX-HPE 		EC135T1 	Police department
SX-HFD, SX-HFH 		BK117 		Fire department
# = Tiger colour scheme
$ = Olympus Colour scheme
Ofcourse the beautiful Greek Acropolis served as a fabulous
backdrop as the planes and helicopters flew by. Although a lot
of focal length was required, beautiful images have shown up
on the web. Also there are some queries over AB212 PN30 as
it was also noted as PN31.

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