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Graz-Thalerhof 1994

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Date: 29 October 1994

Made by:


3E-KR                 Alouette 3   	FlRg2/HG2               
3H-FP                 PC-7              FlS                     
YA01                  Saab 105Ö         FlRg3/JBG/1St, tiger c/s
06                    J35Ö              FlRg2/ÜbG/1St           
4600                  Tornado IDS       JBG34                   
2415                  L-39ZA            1LSP                    
9013                  Su-25K            30BLP                   
"603"out.             Su-30             Sukhoi OKB              
"09"blue              Su-27UB           Sukhoi OKB              
37382/52              JA37              F4                      
XZ712/A               Dominie T1        6FTS                    
XX173, XX174          Hawk T1           4FTS                    
XX181/CB              Hawk T1           100sq                   
XX283/CD              Hawk T1A          100sq                   
XZ377/EB,XZ399/EJ     Jaquar GR1A       6sq                     
ZG777/DP              Tornado GR1       31sq                    
ZF487                 Tucano T1         1FTS                    
ZF412                 Tucano T1         1FTS                    
68-10935              C-130E            37th ALS                

Flightline static side:
ZG479/CM, ZG512/-     Harrier GR7  	4sq              
XX500/H               Jetstream T1      45(R)sq          
ZA563/TC, ZA608/TK    Tornado GR1       15sq             
4606                  L-39C             1LSP  special c/s
1002                  Su-25K            30BLP            

Far side/flying:
BD34, BI39            Saab 105Ö    	FlRg3/JBG/2St    
RF26, RG27            Saab 105Ö         FlRg3/JBG        
"D" red               J29F              pres.    ex 29588
02, 04, 05, 07, 08,09 J35Ö              FlRg2/ÜbG        
14, 15, 17, 19, 24    J35Ö              FlRg2/ÜbG        
3H-FI, 3H-FJ, 3H-FL   PC-7              FlS              
3H-FM, 3H-FO          PC-7              FlS              
3E-KB, 3E-KC, 3E-KF   Alouette 3        FlRg2/HG2        
3E-KH, 3E-KK, 3E-KT   Alouette 3        FlRg2/HG2        
4593                  Tornado IDS       JBG34            
203/36-CC             E-3F              EDA36            
37389/59, 37393/63    JA37              F4               
RA-76759              IL-76T            Aeroflot         
HB-HPI                PC-7
OE-CCW                T-34

Preserved civil side:
2919                  An-2         	ex Polish AF  
1326                  Lim-2             ex Polish AF  
0221                  TS-11             ex Polish AF  
29541/H yellow        J29F              ex Austrian AF
J-1733                Venom FB54        ex Swiss AF   

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