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Göteborg - Säve 2008

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Date: 30-31 August 2008

Made by: Scramble


32606/06 		J32D 		Heritage Flt
32620/20 		J32E 		pres
39811/811 		JAS39B 		F7
39159/159, 39192/192 	JAS39A 		F7
04070/70 		Hkp4C 		HU01
09202/02, 09217/17 	Hkp9A 		Hkplj
OY-ECV 			L-4A 		ex USAAF 215272       
SE-AMG                  Sk11 		as Swedish AF 562     
SE-AMI                  Tiger Moth II 	ex RaF PG617 
SE-AMR                  Sk11 		ex Sweden 517         
SE-BIR                  Spitfire XVIe 	ex RAF RW386 
SE-BYH                  B17 		ex Sweden17239         
SE-CHG                  Sk11 		as Swedish AF 532     
SE-CWG                  Sk11            as Swedish AF 22 
SE-DXB                  J29F            ex Swe AF 29670  
SE-DXU                  Vampire T55 	ex Swiss U-1238
SE-DXW                  Hunter F58 	ex Swiss J-4082 
SE-FNA                  DH82A 		private              
SE-FVV                  Saab 91B 	ex Norway 040     
SE-GMM                  Ce337G 		museum              
SE-IGK                  Sk50 		ex Sweden 50025       
SE-IIL                  Sk50            ex Sweden 50011
SE-IVE                  C212-200 	Kustbevakning     
SE-KGZ                  Sk50 		ex Sweden 50047       
SE-KUC                  Sk50            ex Sweden 50093
SE-KVU                  Sk50            ex Sweden 50018
SE-LAR                  Sk50            ex Sweden 50061
SE-LAZ                  Sk50            ex Sweden 50092
SE-MAB                  DHC-8-311 	Kustbevakning    
LY-ABK                  An-2 		Klaipedos Avialinijos 
N55XZ 			Yak-55M 	private
NL405HC 		F-51D 		as 405

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