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Linköping-Malmen 2012

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Linköping-Malmen Försvarsmaktens Flygdag 2012
Date: 3 June 2012
C-080 CL-604 Esk 721  
P-287 AS550C2 Esk 724  
NH-207 NH90TT HekoP 1060*
42 JAS39D MH 59. Sz.D. R  
1 C-17A HAW  
25 JAS39C 2sq/SAAF  
70107 JAS39C 701sq/RThaiAF  
142044/44 Hkp14A 2.Hkpskv 1028
(15032)/32 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv 13762
(15035)/35, (15036)/36 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv 13765, 13766
161228/03 Hkp16A 2.Hkpskv 70-3820
39-7 JAS39NG Saab  
39251/51 JAS39C FC  
39802 JAS39B Saab/ETPS  
60096/96 Sk60A FlygS Team 60 c/s
84002/842 Tp84 TFSE  
84007/847 Tp84 TSFE £
86001/861 Tp86 FC 282-49
100001/001 OS100 TSFE  
100004/004 S100B 72 ASC sq  
102002/022 S102B 73 SIGINT sq  
D-HSDM Bo105CB-4 Red Bull £
SE-HCC Bell 47G-2 ex Polis  
SE-HGX Hkp6B as 06254, ex 06054/54  
SE-HPU/944 EC135P2+ Polis  
SE-JIP Bell 206B Osterman £
SE-JIS Hkp5B ex 05246/46  
SE-JJL AB212 ex JA9562 £
SE-JKD Bell 206B Osterman £
SE-JKP Bell 206B-3 Osterman £
LN-OCK Hkp2 ex 02038  
The main static was on the ramps at the north western side of the base. Those marked with an * did also fly. None of the Swedish military helicopters did carry unit markings. The civil Bell 212 still carried its previous operator markings of the Japanese Coast Guard. Bells SE-JIP, SE-JJL, SE-JKD and SE-JKP fly for the military and had Flygs av Försvarsmakten markings. Only the construction numbers read on the day itself are listed. The real Thai serial (Kh20-__/__) for the Gripen is not yet known, it carries only 70107 (unit code) and 39403 (from c/n 39-4403).
Static Hangar (closed):
(15040)/40 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv  
This hangar was closed during the day, but briefly open at the end of the day to park the static Hkp14 and Hkp16 inside. It was then that the Hkp15 could be seen.
Static Hangar 82 (closed):
(15026)/26 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv  
(15038)/38 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv  
SE-BPU Sk15A 5060/174  
This hangar was closed during the day as well, but was briefly open in the morning and at the end of the show for moving the three static Hkp15s. The Klemm was parked outside at the end of the show.
Static Maintenance Hangar (closed):
(15022)/22, (15023)/23 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv  
(15029)/29, (15031)/31 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv  
(15034)/34 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv  
(15037)/37 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv  
This hangar was behind the SF340 at the static and the contents could easily be seen from the windows at the side.
Historic Flightlines:
32620/20 J32E SwAFHF  
35556/56 J35J SwAFHF  
SE-BIL P-51D ex FAS-405  
SE-BIR Spitfire Mk.XVI ex RW386/NG-D  
SE-BKH Pembroke C1 ex (XK884)/87  
SE-BYH B17A ex 17239/J  
SE-CFP Tp79 ex (79006)  
SE-CWG DH82A ex (BB750)/22  
SE-DXB J29F ex 29670/R  
SE-DXG Sk60E ex 60140/140  
SE-DXM Hunter F58 as G red, ex (J-4082)  
SE-DXN AJS37 ex 37098/52  
SE-EDD Saab 91C not ex mil  
SE-FUD Sk16A ex 16068/68  
SE-FVU Sk16A ex 16073/73  
SE-GCM Flp51 ex (51247)  
Storage hangar:
814/61 P1 stored  
09217/17 Hkp9A stored  
16109/82 Sk16A stored  
28451/81 Sk28C stored  
29398/F J29B stored  
29507/53 J29F stored  
32917/17 S32C stored  
32541/06 J32E stored  
35811/80 Sk35C stored  
37449/49 JA37Di stored  
54382/82 Flp54 SE-CPI, stored  
60091/91 Sk60B stored  
61030/30 Sk61D stored  
-78001 Tp78 (SE-CLZ), stored  
801-42/01 MFI-9B (SE-EUK), stored  
SE-CAS Meteor T7 stored, ex WF833  
The first hangar on the northeastern side is the museum’s storage hangar with windows at the front and back.
04061/61, 04074/74 Hkp4B stored  
04076/76 Hkp4B stored  
60034/34, 60067/67 Sk60B FlygS (F7 marks) #
60110/110 Sk60A FlygS #
The next hangar had three Sk60s which were all pulled outside and did fly. The three stored Boeing Vertols could only be seen from airside. Hkp4 04076 is still marked incorrectly as 042076.
Flyg Skolan hangar, bay 1:
60041/41, 60059/59 Sk60B FlygS  
60079/79 Sk60A FlygS  
60098/98 Sk60A FlygS Team60 c/s #
60105/105, 60111/111 Sk60A FlygS  
Bay 2
60039/39 Sk60B FlygS #
60062/62, 60125/125 Sk60A FlygS Team60 c/s
60084/84 Sk60A FlygS (F7 marks) #
60094/94, 60116/116 Sk60A FlygS  
60117/117, 60122/122 Sk60A FlygS #
60038/38 Sk60B FlygS  
60051/51, 60128/128 Sk60A FlygS #
60065/65 Sk60B FlygS #
60088/88 Sk60A FlygS grey Team60 c/s
60099/99 Sk60A FlygS  
60100/100, 60118/118 Sk60A FlygS (F10 marks) #
The last hangar here is the main Flyg Skolan hangar, which had plenty of windows at the back. During the morning ten Sk60s were pulled outside (marked #) and nine did fly.
Flyg Skolan ramp area:
A-912, A-913, A-914, A-918 PC-7 FlsSt14  
A-926, A-927, A-932 PC-7 FlsSt14  
A-933, A-939, A-940 PC-7 FlsSt14  
(15024)/24, (15028)/28 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv  
(15039)/39 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv  
N707TJ/3 N2S-1 ex 3173  
N74189/2 PT-17 ex 41-0957  
SE-JJU B206L-3 ex JA9499  
YL-KSH/1, YL-KSL/5 L-39C Baltic Bees  
YL-KSM/4, YL-KSS/3 L-39C Baltic Bees  
YL-KST/2 L-39C Baltic Bees  
The Bell 206 was still in full Japanese Police colours.
Helicopter flightlines:
10410/90 Hkp10A 3.Hkpskv  
141042/42, 142045/45 Hkp14A 2.Hkpskv  
141043/43 Hkp14A 2.Hkpskv 1022
(15021)/21, (15025)/25 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv  
(15027)/27 Hkp15A 2.Hkpskv  
161226/01, 161227/02 Hkp16A 2.Hkpskv  
161229/04 Hkp16A 2.Hkpskv  
37800/22 Sk37 stored  
39116 JAS39A instr, fuselage  
SE-EBI Skyraider AEW1 stored, ex WV185  
These flightlines were on the southwestern side of the airfield. Also here was the frame of a H269 on a trailer.
... MH1521M instr, ex FAF  
37301/01 JA37 instr  
61068/68 Sk61A instr  
(86002)/862 Tp86 instr  
The Gripen on the helicopter ramp belongs to the Linköping Technical University. Inside their hangar were four more aircraft.
37027/57 AJS37 stored, red c/s  
141046/46 Hkp14A 2.Hkpskv  
This hangar was to the left of the technical schools hangar. The Viggen will go to the museum at Malmö.
Flightline FMV:
21 JAS39C 2sq/SAAF  
24 JAS39C 2sq/SAAF £
39209/209, 39220/220 JAS39C F17  
39233/233 JAS39C F17 £
39262/262 JAS39C F17  
39270/270, 39281/281 JAS39C F17 £
39830/830 JAS39D F17 £
39831/831 JAS39D F17  
This flightline was not visible from the static area. The aircraft could be seen from the car park near the aero club and from outside the airfield. The Swedish Grippens did not carry unit markings, but all belonged to F17 from Ronneby.
(03312)/52 Hkp3C instr in woods
09206/06 Hkp9A instr in woods
35-8 SAAB 35 instr in woods
37904/31 SH37 instr  
60143/143 Sk60E instr  
The dump is on the south eastern side of the airfield. The Hkp3 had no tail boom, but code 52 was visible on the nose.
PI-01 PC-12/47E HavLLv 21  
PI-02 PC-12/47E TukiLLv  
03302/42 Hkp3C preserved  
The two Finnish PC-12s made a brief visit early in the morning, while the Huey is pole mounted between the static and the museum hangar. The museum itself is not listed as this was not part of the airshow and can be visited on any day.
In short, an excellent show! This one will go into the books as one of the better European air shows of 2012. The weather unfortunately was not really co-operating, but on the main public day (Sunday) it was at least mostly dry (despite of heavy downpours not that far further to the north of the airfield). Amongst the highlights of the show were the Thai and South African Gripens. But also the several aircraft of the Flygvapnet Heritage Flight were impressive. The various aircraft flew several times during the day, with the main performance after lunchtime. Several flight passes were made by a mixed formation of a J29 Tunnan, J32 Lansen, Sk60, J35 Draken, J37 Viggen and J39 Gripen.
# being towed out
£ also flying


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