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Brno-Turany 2007

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Date: 8-9 September 2007

Made by: Scramble


3G-EL 			PC-6/B2-H2 	spec mks
256/30-SH 		Mirage F1CT 	GC01.030
507/30-SE 		Mirage F1B 	GC01.030
38+43 			F-4F 		JG71
029 			T-6A 		361 MEA
27 			MiG-29UB 	MH59.Sz.D.R
LX-N90443 		E-3A 		NAEW&CF 	spec mk
1403 			An-26 		13.eltr
4048 			F-16C 		3.elt
6124/SL 		MiG-29AS 	1.SLK
ZD720/086 		Tornado GR4 	nb (14sq)
ZD744/092 		Tornado GR4 	nb (13sq)
ZD790/099 		Tornado GR4 	nb (617sq)
ZE158/FF 		Tornado F3 	25(F)sq
ZE907/DA 		Tornado F3 	111sq
ZG771/133 		Tornado GR4 	13sq
86-0121/EL 		B-1B 		37th BS
01-2000/LN 		F-15E 		494th FS
01-2002/LN "494FS" 	F-15E 		494th FS
9820 			JAS39D
2415/15 		L-39ZA
6066 			L-159A
1525 			L-410FG 	241.dsl
9774 			Mi-171Sh 	232.vrl
3362 			Mi-35 		231.vrl
0709 			W-3A 		242.vrl 	+ flying
0559 			Zlin 142C-AF 	CLV LOM
HA-YDJ 			SM-92T
OK-JZE/11 		Yak C11 			+ flying Sunday
The B-1 is called "Symphony of Destruction" with fitting nose
art. L-410 1525 is a photomapping aircraft, modified for the

FA131 			F-16AM 		2w 		spec c/s
23736 			G-4 		VOC
25207 			J-22A 		VOC
5301 			L-39CM 		1.SLK c/s
2123/SL 		MiG-29AS 	1.SLK
04-4138 		C-17A 		729th AS
2801 			A319-115X 	241.dsl 	@
9234 			JAS39C 		# @
9235 			JAS39C
9239, 9245 		JAS39C 		#
5015/15, 5019/19 	L-39ZA 		# @
6049 			L-159A 		@
6057 			L-159A 		# @ %
6058 			L-159A
6063 			L-159A 		@ %
6065 			L-159A 		# $
0839 			Mi-17 		232.vrl 	# @
9892, 9904 		Mi-171Sh 	232.vrl 	# @
0788 			Mi-24V 		231.vrl 	# @
3361, 3368 		Mi-35 		231.vrl 	# @
7360 			Mi-35 		231.vrl
1016 			Tu-154M 	241.dsl 	# @
0719 			W-3A 		233.vrl SAR
F-PLUG 			G-202 		Fly for Fun
HA-RED 			EA300/S 	Red Bull
OK-BYP 			Bell 412HP 	Letecka Sluzba
OK-BYB 			EC135T2 	Letecka Sluzba
OK-HXC 			Su-31M
OM-TOP 			Zlin 137T 	Aero Slovakia

Plus the Breitling Jet Team with L-39Cs:

and the Stars Aerobatic Team with their G-2A Galebs:

symbols: # flypast Sat, @ flypast Sun, $ b/a Sat, % b/a Sun

The C-17 is called "Spirit of California" and was parked
opposite the static after its display on Saturday. We have not
been able to identify the second base attack L-159 of Saturday
yet. The two unknown Gripens of Sunday’s flypast were
probably 9239 and 9245 again. A G-202 is an aerobatic
aircraft, not unlike the Extra. Letecka Sluzba is the unit of the
‘Policie’ helicopters. The Zlin 137 was towing four Blanik
gliders simultaneously which performed a formation display
after release. Quite a demonstration of flying skills, especially
in such strong winds.

Commercial, pleasure and private flights (# Sat only):
EC-JXD 			B737-33A 	Air Slovakia 	#
EI-DAI 			B737-8AS 	Ryanair 	#
OK-CCC 			Saab 340B 	Central Connect #
OK-MAL 			L-200D
OK-OFB, OK-PLH 		L-200A 		Bemoair
OK-RHJ 			L-200D
OK-TVC 			B737-86Q 	Travel Servis 	#
OK-TVG 			B737-8Q8 	Travel Servis 	#
OK-VFI 			ATR42-300 	CSA
The Moravas were parked opposite the static between their
flights. EC-JXD is white with titles, EI-DAI has a special
‘Nyköping’ colour scheme and OK-TVC is an ‘O2’ logojet.
Flights after 14:00h on Sunday may be missing here.

Flightlines / elsewhere:
FA101 			F-16AM 		1sm 		spec mks
CSX62127 		C-27J 		Alenia (AMI)
71364 			An-26 		138sq
0836 			Mi-8PS 		242.vrl
OK-OFI 			L-200A
YU-BWA 			Beech A60
Plus another Aero Slovakia Zlin and Serbian An-26 as a bonus.

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