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Ostrava-Mosnov 2011

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Ostrava Nato Days 2011
Date: 24-9-2011
H-25 A-109H 18sqMRH  
CH-08 C-130H 20sm  
6053 L-159A  
6069 L-159T1  
455 C295M 242.tsl  
9236 JAS39C  
9820 JAS39D  
3365 Mi-35 221.lbvr  
9781 Mi-171Sh 231.vrl  
556 Z-142C-AF CLV LOM Pardubice  
260 Yak-40 241.dlt  
374/125-BS Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
30+61 EF2000 JG 74  
MM7303/4-2, MM7287/4-3 EF2000 IX Gruppo CIO  
43 JAS39D MH 59. Sz,D.REB  
715, 957 F-15D 106sq  
436 KC-130H 103/121sq  
LX-N90444 E-3A NAEWF  
664 F-16AM FLO  
691 F-16BM FLO  
847 Mi-17 VrK  
6124/SL MiG-29AS ZMK  
100003 S100D 72 ASC sq.  
ZK459/X Beech B200 45(R)sq  
XX230/230 Hawk T1A 208(R)sq  
XX307/307 Hawk T1 208(R)sq  
ZH-103 Sentry AEW1 8/23/54(R)sq  
91-9143 C-130H 914 th AW/ 107th Aw AFRC
08-8606/RS, C-130J-30 37th AS  
64-14835 KC-135R 912th ARS AFRC
61-0008/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC
847 Mi-17 2.Vrk  
N-2209X / 65-00109 O-2A ex 65-00109  
Flying :
6M-BA S-70A-42 mTHSSta  
7354 Mi-24V 221.lbvr  
3367, 3371 Mi-35 221.lbvr  
9892, 9904, 9926 Mi-171Sh 231.vrl  
6051 L-159A  
2602 L-410UVP-E14 242.tsl  
9237 JAS39C  
709 W-3A 243.vrl  
J-015 F-16AM RNLAF demo team  
J-876 F-16AM 323sq  
SN-42X Mi-8T Lotnictwa Policji  
619 MiG-29AS ZMK  
ZK452/L Beech B200 45(R)sq  
ZF293, ZF378 Tucano T1 1 FTS  
L-39ZA, of the Baltic Bees:
NF-5A/B*-2000 of theTurkish stars
69-4009*,70-3025, 70-3048, 71-3052, 71-3058 +4


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