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Sao Paulo-Campo la Marte 2013

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Sao-Paulo Domingo Aéreo
Date: 30-9-2013
5932 A-29B nn (1°/3°GAv)  
5965 A-29B EDA Fumaça  
2304 C-95B no mks  
2326 C-95B 4°ETA  
2810 SC-105 2°/10°GAv  
2365 C-115 PAMA-SP  
4820, 4823, 4827 F-5EM PAMA-SP (1°GAvCa)  
4845, 4850, 4876 F-5EM PAMA-SP (1°GAvCa)  
4837, 4849, 4869 F-5EM PAMA-SP (1°/4°GAv)  
4870, 4847, 4856 F-5EM PAMA-SP (1°/4°GAv)  
4862, 4871 F-5EM PAMA-SP (1°/14°GAv)  
4808 F-5FM PAMA-SP (1°/14°GAv)  
8699 H-1 nn (5°/8°GAv)  
7061 P-95A 2°/7°GAv  
1414 T-27 1°EIA  
EB-2024 HM-1 1°BAvEx  
PP-EOW/Águia 8 HB350B2 Polícia Militar SP  
PR-SMW/Águia 15 AS350B2 Polícia Militar SP  
As always lots of F-5s on overhaul. No former Jordanians were seen. They have been transferred to Gavião Peixoto for the last stages of the modernization program. The first two should of those will be delivered shortly.

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