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Genève-Cointrin 2003

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Date: 7-9 May 2003

Made by: Scramble


Static outside:
3B-AGC		MD-83		Jet Alliance	49809            
C-GJCV	        CL-300		Bombardier	20004            
D-HOME	        A109E				11158                    
D-IUAC	        Ce525A				525A-0106*               
EI-PAX	        Ce560XL		Eurojet		560-5228                 
F-GSDA	        Falcon 900EX	Dassault	106      
F-GSDF	        EC130B4		Mt Blanc Hel.	3539*            
F-GSVU	        A319-133X	Aero Services	1256     
F-GUYM	        Falcon 2000	Dassault	191*     
HB-VNP	        Ce525		Mathys		525-0499                 
I-FXRF	        P180		Euroskylink	1060*            
LX-JFG	        TBM-700B	Jetfly Aviation	244*     
N5GV	        G-V		Gulfstream	545              
N15FJ	        Ce501		Huff Air	501-0012         
N21KR	        B737-74T	North Pacific	29139    
N145DL	        CL-604		Bombardier	5367*            
N200GA	        G200		Gulfstream	054              
N208CG	        Ce208B		Cessna		208B-1010*               
N400GA	        G400		Gulfstream	1500             
N400XP	        Beech 400XP	Raytheon	RK-356*  
N550FP	        Ce550 Bravo	Flying Gr	550-1024*
N639CV	        Ce560 Encore	Cessna		560-0639         
N707BZ	        B737-7BC	Boeing		32970            
N750H	        Falcon 50-40	Honeywell	171      
N812GA	        G550		Gulfstream	5012*            
N954Q	        Ce750		Cessna		750-0211                 
N974JD	        BAe125-800XP	Wichita Air	258589   
N4195S	        Beech B200	NAC Avn		BB-1795*         
N5158B	        Raytheon 390	Raytheon	RB-58*   
OE-IEL	        Global Express	Tyrolean JS	9099*    
OY-LJJ	        Lj45		Execujet	45-116           
OY-LJK	        Lj60		Execujet	60-256           
PT-SAC	        ERJ135BJ	Embraer		145462
Remark: Construction numbers marked with * were read "on the spot".
	The others were looked up in databases.

Palexpo Hal 7:
G-EMCM		EC120B		Morrell		1160
HB-FPB		PC-12/45	Avcon		381

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