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Catania 2014

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Catania Open day
Date: 12 October 2013
MM81493/2-14 EH101-410UTY GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81719/2-22 EH101-110 GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81581/3-05 NH90-NFH GRUPELICOT 4  
MM81376/7-66 AB212ASW GRUPELICOT 5  
MM81378/7-68 AB212ASW GRUPELICOT 5  
MM81473/9-05 AB412HP(CP) 2ª Sezione Eli  
Main Hangars:
MM81481/2-02 EH101-110ASW GRUPELICOT 1  
MM81487/2-08 EH101-110ASW GRUPELICOT 1  
MM80942/7-10 AB212ASW GRUPELICOT 5  
Green hangar/Fire station:
MM5009N/6-07 SH-3D std, no rotors  
Converted small hanger:
MM5002N/5-01 A106 pres  
At the main gate were preserved:
MM80366/3-05 AB204ASW pres  
MM81076/7-31 AB212ASW pres  
nmks SH-3D pres  


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