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Hachinohe 2006(1)

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Date: 23 April 2006

Made by:


73462/IIATH		AH-1S		2 Tai Sensha Herik.
31209/IX		OH-6D		9 Hikotai

Near perimiter fence:
41662/NH		UH-1H		pres
31178/SU		OH-6D		pres, tail of 31201
61336/SU		TH-55J		pres

41556/SK		UH-1B		std
51714/IIH		KV107II-4	std

9 Hikotai hangar:
31214/IX, 31220/IX	OH-6D		9 Hikotai
31309/IX		OH-6D		9 Hikotai

Ramp outside 9 Hikotai hangar:
31190/IX, 31221/IX	OH-6D		9 Hikotai
31254/IX		OH-6D		9 Hikotai

Navy ramp:
89..			UH-60J		Hachino. Koku Kich.
5062			P-3C		4 Kokutai
5085			P-3C		2 Kokutai
2x			P-3C		nn

Flying display:
47-8340, 97-8420	F-4EJ Kai	8 Hikotai
5009, 5091, 5100	P-3C		2 Kokutai
73414/(IIATH)		AH-1S		2 Taisensha Herik.
73471 +1		AH-1S		2 Taisensha Herik.
1x			OH-1		2 Taisensha Herik.
41705/NEH		UH-1H		Tokohu Homen Her.
3x			OH-6D		nn

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