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Kisarazu 2006

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Date: 15 October 2006

Made by:


Main static:
00001/ST, 00002/ST	AS332L		Tokubetu Yuso Hik. 
00003/ST		AS332L	        Tobubetu Yuso Hik. 
73416/IVATH,73420/IVATH	AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73421/IVATH,73427/IVATH	AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73433/IVATH,73449/IVATH	AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73463/IVATH,73469/IVATH	AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73479/IVATH,73487/IVATH	AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
31176/IVATH,31253/IVATH	OH-6D	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
31251/IH		OH-6D	        1 Herikoputatai    
31263/IIH		OH-6D	        2 Herikoputatai    
52902/IH, 52904/IH	CH-47J	        1 Herikoputatai    
52905/IIH, 52907/IIH	CH-47J	        2 Herikoputatai    
52908/IH, 52909/IH	CH-47J	        1 Herikoputatai    
52910/IIH		CH-47J	        2 Herikoputatai    
52911/IH, 52912/IH	CH-47J	        1 Herikoputatai    
52915/IIH, 52917/IIH	CH-47J	        2 Herikoputatai    
52919/IH, 52927/IH	CH-47J	        1 Herikoputatai    
52925/IIH, 52933/IIH	CH-47J	        2 Herikoputatai    
52932/IH		CH-47J	        1 Herikoputatai    
52953/IIH, 52962/IIH	CH-47JA	        2 Herikoputatai    
52956/IH, 52960/IH	CH-47JA	        1 Herikoputatai    
52961/IH		CH-47JA	        1 Herikoputatai    
22010/IHB, 22017/IHB	LR-1	        Dan oyobi Hon. Zuk.
23052/IHB, 23056/IHB	LR-2	        Dan oyobi Hon. Zuk.

East static:
01021/ST		EC225LP		Tokubetu Yuso Hik.
41714/EH	        UH-1H	        Tobu Homen Herik. 
41868/EH	        UH-1J	        Tobu Homen Herik. 
8406		        SH-60K	        121 Kokutai       

West static:
86-24496		UH-60A		78th AvnBat        
78-1024		        C-1	        402 Hikotai
51-5058		        T-400	        41 Hikotai 
05-3255		        U-4	        402 Hikotai
6904		        YS-11T-A	205 Kokutai

On field:
52924/IIH		CH-47J		2 Herikoputatai

31126/SU		OH-6D		stored
52916/IIH, 52928/IIH	CH-47J		2 Herikoputatai
22015			LR-1		nn	closed hangar
51736/IIH		KV107II-A4	preserved

Airforce depot:
36-8532			F-104J		preserved
35-5867	                T-1B		preserved
51-5604	                T-33A		broken up

JA03CF			AS365N3		Fire Brigade
JA14MP			AB319		Police
JA6170			Bell 206L4	Police

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