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Kita Utsunomiya 2014

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JGSDF Camp Kita Utsunomiya Open Day
Date: 25 May 2014
41840/840 UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou  
41871/871 UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou (Hangar)  
31271/71/II OH-6D TDY Utsunomiya Kou  
43133/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai/1 Hikotai  
74504/SK AH-64D Kasumigaura Kou  
62370/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
23053/XVH LR-2 15 Herik, TDY Utsun. Kou?  
29-3041 U-125 Hiko Tenkentai  
Flight Line:
41846/846, 41905/905 UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou  
41847/847/NEH UH-1J TDY Utsunomiya Kou  
41857/857/SU UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou  
41874/874/MH UH-1J TDY Utsunomiya Kou  
31248/48/SU OH-6D Utsunomiya Kou  
31249/49/IX, 31251/51/S OH-6D TDY Utsunomiya Kou  
31258/58/SU, 31264/64/SU OH-6D Utsunomiya Kou  
31265/65/SU, 31268/68/SU OH-6D Utsunomiya Kou  
52910/SK CH-47J Kasumigaura Kou  
52930/XIIH CH-47J 12 Herikoputatai/2 Hikotai  
43112/XIIH, 43117/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai/1 Hikotai  
43122/XIIH, 43124/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai/1 Hikotai  
62361/SU, 62364/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
43106 UH-60JA unit nn, should be XIIH  
Preserved as instruction materials:
41681/MH, 41693/MH UH-1H pres/gia  
41695/NH UH-1H pres/gia  
31121/IX , 31124/XIII OH-6D pres/gia  
31188/SU, 31193/SU OH-6D pres/gia  
41637/NEH UH-1H pres  
31141/SU OH-6D pres  
22006/SU LR-1 pres  
11366/SU L-19E pres  
Fuji HI gate:
1331980 T-3 pres 11 FTW mks  
Aviation Park:
92-7883 F-86F as “82-7818” Blue Impulse  
41571/WH UH-1 pres  
31115/VIII OH-6J pres  
61335/SU TH-55A pres  
60506/SU T-34A pres  

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