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Tachokawa 2015

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JGSDF Tachokawa Air show
Date: 19-9-2015
73439/IVATH AH-1S 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
32630/EH OH-1 Tobu Homen Herikoputatai  
41833/EH UH-1J Tobu Homen Herikoputatai  
8432 SH-60K 21st Kokutai  
43118/SK UH-60JA Kasumigaura Kou  
23057/LR LR-2 Renraku Teisatsu Hikotai  
69-6639 UH-1N 459th AS  
96-26703 UH-60L    
Static hangar display:
41714/EAAFM UH-1H gia  
31172/EAAFM OH-6D gia  
EAAFM stands for Eastern Army Airfield Maintenance
Flight Line:
73449/IVATH, 73463/IVATH AH-1S 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
41923/I UH-1J 1 Hikotai  
31286/I, 31295/I OH-6D 1 Hikotai  
52934/SK CH-47J Kasumigaura Kou  
52973/HGPV CH-47JA 105 Hikotai  
UH-1J of, coded EH:
41808, 41828, 41834, 41864, 41879, 41902
Preserved north side:
41709/NAH UH-1H pres  
31098/III OH-6J pres  
31154/SU OH-6D pres  


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