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Twenthe 1987(2)

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Date: 4 July 1987

Made by: Michael Gan, Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland, Rijk van Dijk, Bob Archer, David Moore, Uli Seibicke

Updated: 15 June 1999

Mirage 5BA         BA44                 nb 
Alpha Jet          AT10, AT19, AT22     O&TW 
SF260MB            ST25                 5sm 
CF-188A            188765               nb 
Sk-35XD            AT-158               Esk725 
Mirage 2000C       29/2-LO              EC3/2 
Mirage F1C-200     265/5-NB             EC1/5 
Alpha Jet          41+40                JBG49 
F-4F               38+51                JG71 
Bo105P             87+45                HFR16 
Sea King           89+51                MFG5 
F-104              MM6936/9-31          10Gr 
Harrier GR3        XV789/07             1sq 
Jaguar GR1A        XX962/EK             6sq 
Jaguar             XZ366/22             2sq 
Phantom FGR2       XV576/AD             43sq 
Phantom FGR2       XV435/R              92sq 
Hawk T1A           XX286                1TWU 
Buccaneer S2B      XN981/981            12sq 
Wessex             XV724                22sq 
Puma HC1           XW199/DU             230sq 
Hunter             XL573/573            12sq 
A-10A              80-0235/WR           78TFS 
A-10A              81-0987/WR           78TFS 
F-15C              79-0049/BT           22TFS 
F-111F             70-2397/LN           494TFS 
F-16A              J-201                315sq        Paris Aerosalon mks: "F-16A" 
F-16A              J-203, J-204         315sq 
NF-5A              K-3030, K-3056       313sq 
NF-5A              K-3029               preserved    "TPG-29" 
SH-14C             279                  860sq 
P-3C               311/V                320sq 
Alouette 3         A-471                GpLV 
Bo105CB            B-38                 299sq 
Alouette 3         H-81                 SAR Flight 

NF-5A              K-3004, K-3011, K-3032, K-3042  313sq 
F-16A              J-198, J-199, J-205, J-206      315sq 
F-16A              J-358, J-360, J-361, J-363      315sq 
F-16A              J-366                           315sq 
F-16B              J-210, J-211, J-368 J-369       315sq 
F-16A              J-868                           312sq 
F-16B              J-656                           312sq 
F27-100            C-1, C-2, C-3                   334sq 
F27-300M           C-7                             334sq 
Alouette 3         A-247, A-267, A-293             GpLV 
Alouette 3         A-366, A-383, A-550             GpLV 
Alouette 3         A-350, A-351, A-390             Grasshoppers 
Alouette 3         A-398, A-465                    Grasshoppers 
F-111F             74-0184/LN                      494TFS 
F-15C              79-0022/BT                      22TFS 
F-15C              79-0052/BT                      22TFS 
F-15C              79-0056/BT                      22TFS 
A-10A              80-0204/WR                      91TFS 
F-4F               37+57, 38+25, 38+69, 38+09      JBG36 
CF-188A            188770                          nb 
Alpha Jet          AT22                            OT&W 
Mirage 5BA         BA05                            nb 
Tornado F3         ZE168/AO 

Hangar (closed): 
F-16A              J-202, J-206, J-359, J-367      315sq 
F-16B              J-208, J-209                    315sq 
NF-5A              K-3001, K-3024, K-3025, K-3058  313sq 

F-86K              Q-283                           Gate guard 

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