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Bagotville, Quebec 2011

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Date: 12 June 2011

Made by:


114166/X                      CT-114                  AETE
130609                        CC-130J                 436Sq
142805                        CT-142                  402Sq
144615                        CC-144B                 412Sq
146438                        CH-146                  438Sq
188730, 188734                CF-188                  425Sq
188783                        CF-188                  425Sq
188909                        CF-188B                 i/a cockpit only
188912/X                      CF-188B                 410Sq
63-8872                       KC-135R                 132nd ARS   ME ANG
05-6208/RA                    T-6A                    559th FTS
C-GQBC/241                    CL-415                  Gvmt du Quebec
C-GJTA/057                    Alpha Jet A             Top Aces   (ex 40+57)
C-GYTO/082                    Alpha Jet A             Top Aces   (ex 40+82)
C-GJNG                        CL-601                  Top Aces
CF-WGA                        Harvard IV              ex 20377
C-GRCQ                        Bell 206B               private
C-GFSF                        PA31-310                private
C-GPQB                        TBM-700                 private
C-FTYZ                        Beech 100               private
N51EM                         Ce650                   private
Hangar 7:
188706                        CF-188                  i/a
Hangar (not open to public):
146439                        CH-146                  439sq
C-GCTA/014                    Alpha Jet A             Top Aces  (ex 40+14)
C-GGTA/024                    Alpha Jet A             Top Aces  (ex 40+24)
C-GLTO/069                    Alpha Jet A             Top Aces  (ex 40+69)
C-GNTA/148                    Alpha Jet A             Top Aces  (ex 41+48)
40+79 +2                      Alpha Jet A             Top Aces incomplete
91-0376/SW                    F-16CJ                  20th FW  
91-0398/SW                    F-16CJ                  20th FW
146489                        CH-146                  439sq
188739, 188774                CF-188                  425sq  
188786                        CF-188                  425sq
188796                        CF-188                  409sq  
188917, 188924                CF-188B                 425sq  
188939                        CF-188B                 425sq
C-GSBR                        Sabre 5                 ex 23314
C-FMKA                        Harvard II              ex 3222
C-FNAH                        Harvard II              ex 2918
C-FNDB                        Harvard II              ex 3039
N467CS                        C212-200                Fayard Enterprises
N136EM                        L-39C                   ex Rusian  432917
N138EM                        L-39C                   ex Rusian  831106
N135EM                        L-39ZA                  ex Romania 106
N5846V                        L-39C                   ex Rusian  432826

CT-114s of 431sq/Snowbirds:
114089/1, 114145/2, 114146/3, 114013/4, 114058/5, 114104/6 
114090/7, 114161/8, 114009/9, 114071/10, 114143/11 

101014 +2                     CF-101B                 dump red/blue c/s

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