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Hamilton-John C. Munro 2000

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Date: 17 June 2000

Made by:


3840			F-4F		JG71
3861			F-4F		JG72
LX-N90448		E-3A		NAEW&CF
80-0214/PA, 81-0949/PA	OA-10A		103rd FS PA ANG
60-0005/MT		B-52H		23rd BS
69-0022			C-5A		337th AS AFRC
84-0125			C-21A		54th AF
92-3284			C-130H		328th AS AFRC
62-3543			KC-135R		72nd ARS AFRC
66-0192			C-141B		305th AMW
81-0820			F-16B ADF	178th FS ND ANG
82-0946			F-16A ADF	178th FS ND ANG
94-0114/CB		T-1A		14th FTW
68-8008/CB		T-37B		14th FTW
161349/MD-01		EA-6B		VMAQ-3
161510/G		TC-12B		VT-31
158881/A-994		T-2C		VT-9
162304/G-736		T-34C		TW-4
160985/G-425		T-44A		VT-31
163616/B-216		T-45A		TW-2
114085			CT-114		2CFFTS
115465			CC-115		442sq
12430			CH-124B		12 Wing
140120			CP-140A		14 Wing
142805			CT-142		402sq
146472			CH-146		nmks  
188797			CF-188		433sq, spec c/s
C-FGIR			NA-64		'3372'

18506			CF-100 Mk5	preserved

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