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Br├ętigny 1986

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Date: 14 September 1986

Made by: Gary Watson


CESSNA 411             185/AU               CEV 
CESSNA 411             192/BM               CEV 
CE43 GUEPARD           442/DM               CEV 
MS760 PARIS            116/ON               CEV 
N262                   7/MB                 CEV 
CARAVELLE              234/CQ               CEV 
SA330                  1251/AW 
VAUTOUR IIN            358                  CEV 
VAUTOUR IIN            355                  CEV 
VAUTOUR IIN            304                  CEV 
MIRAGE IIIR            306                  CEV 
MIRAGE IIIB            235                  CEV 
MIRAGE IIIR            02                   CEV 
FALCON 20              145/CU               CEV 
ALPHA JET              E46                  CEV 
ALPHA JET              E44                  CEV 
MS760                  118/NQ               CEV 
N260                   6/MA                 CEV 
CARAVELLE              116/CE               CEV 
FALCON 20              104/CW               CEV 
C160F                  A04/64-BI 
JAGUAR S               A3 
AS365                  1003                 F-ZWRR 
MIRAGE IIIB            202                  CEV 
FALCON 20              188 
ALLOUETTE 3            1707/AV              CEV 
ALLOUETTE 3            1101/AR              CEV 
N260                   55/AV                CEV 
N260                   58/MH                CEV 
N260                   67/MI                CEV 
AS330                  1184 
JODEL D140R            520                  CEV 
NORATLAS               18/CR                CEV 
ALLOUETTE 3            2370 
C160F                  F92/61-ZJ            ET-61 
FALCON 20              124/CC               CEV 
VAUTOUR IIN            337                  CEV 
JAGUAR A               A131 
MS760                  113/NI               CEV 
ALPHA JET              E100 
MIRAGE F1CR            602                  CEV 
MIRAGE 2000B           501/2-EQ             EC2 
METEOR NF11            NF11-3               CEV 
CESSNA 421             244/AX               CEV 
GE43 GEUPARD           455/LL               CEV 
AS330                  1051 
CESSNA 421             185/AB               CEV 
CESSNA 421             190/AG               CEV 
MS760                  51/-                 CEV 
CM170                  527/118-DF           CEAM 

MIRAGE 2000            052 +1               EGYPTIAN AF ? 
MIRAGE 2000            195                  ???? 

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