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Colmar 1995

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Date: 17 June 1995

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 1 August 2002

3781                  F-4F         JG74
6/VN                  CAP10B       GI312
456/312-JA,459/312-JD EMB312F      GI312
15/13-SP              Mirage 5F    preserved
226/13-QO, 243/13-QN  Mirage F1CT  EC1/13
228/13-SN, 232/13-SP  Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
254/330-AJ            Mirage F1CT  EC5/330
257/13-SD             Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
624/33-NY, 656/33-NH  Mirage F1CR  ER2/33
529/5-AA              Mirage 2000B EC3/5
626/3-XH              Mirage 2000D EC3/3
45/312-YJ, 125/312-YL TB-30        GI312
ZA556/TA, ZA600/TH    Tornado GR1  15sq
F-AZIE                P-51D        '415622/AJ-T'

E96/8-MT, E123/8-MQ   Alpha Jet E  EC1/8
02/CB                 CAP231       GI312
F158/61-ZX            C-160F       ET61
F204/64-GD            C-16ONG      ET64
E11/7-PE , E23/7-PB   Jaguar E     EC2/7
E21/P                 Jaguar E     EC2/7
76/33-FQ              Mirage F1C   EC3/33
201/33-FI             Mirage F1C   EC3/33
12/2-FS               Mirage 2000C EC2/2
511/2-FH              Mirage 2000B EC2/2
1519/CWO              SA341F       1RHC
92/F-SEXI/1           TB-30        GE315
100/F-SEXQ/2          TB-30        GE315
105/F-SEXV/4          TB-30        GE315
117/F-SEYH/3          TB-30        GE315
105/65-XK             TBM-700      ETEC65
F-AZGS                T-6          '4934322'
F-AZHJ  (ex J-1159)   Vampire FB6  "57.S.9"
E23/F-TERO/9,    E37/F-TERI/1,   E72/F-TERG/8
E97/F-TERL/2,    E105/F-TERF/3,  E106/F-TERJ/4
E125/F-TERH/5,   E140/F-TERD/6,  E141/F-TERA/7
E173/F-TERP/0         Alpha Jet E  Patr. de France

Hangar (closed):
93/13-TB              MS760        SALE13

Hangar (open):
233/13-QG, 230/13-QM  Mirage F1CT  EC1/13
239/13-QD             Mirage F1CT  EC1/13
273/13-SJ             Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
274                   Mirage F1CT  ex EC5/330

Hangar (carpark northside):
219/13-SF, 241/13-SI  Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
242/13-SG, 245/13-SA  Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
258/13-SM             Mirage F1CT  EC3/13

Hangar (far side):
223/13-QT, 229/13-QF  Mirage F1CT  EC1/13
247/13-QP             Mirage F1CT  EC1/13

2118/JCV              AS350B       Gendarmerie
2054/67-CI,2096/67-CQ Alouette 3   EH2/67
735/93-CG	      C-135FR	   ERV93, flying only
13/13-EC              Mirage 3C    gate guard
403/13-QB             Mirage 3E    preserved
483                   Mirage 3E    stored, far side
607                   Mirage 3E    dumped
237/13-SE	      Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
246/13-QJ, 248/13-QQ  Mirage F1CT  EC1/13
252/13-SK, 260/13-SO  Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
255/13-QK, 281/13-QI  Mirage F1CT  EC1/13
265/13-SR, 272/13-SQ  Mirage F1CT  EC3/13
278/13-QA             Mirage F1CT  EC1/13  far side

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