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Compi├Ęgne 1998

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Date: 21 June 1998

Made by:


80+78                 Bo-105M            HFR 35 
84+46                 CH-53G             HFR 35 
T-321                 AS332M1            Swiss AF. 
1066/ADC              SA330B             6RHC 
1403/ADJ              SA330B             6RHC 
1067/ADV              SA330Ba            6RHC 
1662/ADA              SA330Ba            6RHC 
1078/AEQ              SA341F             6RHC 
1660/AFF              SA341F             6RHC 
4055/AEM              SA342M             6RHC 
4222/AEH              SA342M             6RHC 
1811/JCL              AS350B             Gendarmerie 
5606/ABI              AS555UN            EMAT 
889/MCC               PC-6B              1GSALAT 
OO-SOT                LysanderIII        "2442" 
F-AZMG                YAK C11            60168/168 
F-AZMF                P-3                "A-828" 
F-AZTC                PT22 
F-GEBM                L-21B 
1008/ADE,1015/ADF     SA330B             6RHC   desert c/s 
1028/ADG,1056/ADI     SA330B             6RHC 
1060/ADP              SA330B             6RHC 
1419/ADR,5682/ADD     SA330Ba            6RHC 
1090/AFH,1149/AFD     SA341F             6RHC 
1285/AFE,1419/AFG     SA341F             6RHC 
1420/AFI              SA341F             6RHC 
3848/AEO, 4034/AEL    SA342M             6RHC 
4143/AEE, 4212/AEA    SA342M             6RHC 
4216/AEC, 4229/AEI    SA342M             6RHC 
Hangar near the car park: 
4220/AEF              SA342M             6RHC 

Hangar 1: 
1013/ADN,1663/ADS     SA330B             6RHC 

Hangar 2: 
1523/AFJ              SA341F             6RHC 

Near the control tower: 
3853/AER,4221/AEG     SA342M             6RHC 

F-GKBS                SA318              ex ALAT 1442 

Flying only: 
627/3-JG,630/3-JT     Mirage 2000D       EC02.003 

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