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Dijon-Longvic 1994

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Date: 10 July 1994

Made by:


E-181                 F-16A        	Esk726           
ET-210                F-16B             Esk726           
4652                  Tornado ECR       JBG38            
414/2-HC              CM170             SALE2            
420/128-VC            CM170             BA128            
5/12-ZP               Mirage F1C        EC2/12           
36/12-ZE              Mirage F1C        EC2/12           
238/13-SB             Mirage F1CT       EC3/13           
242/13-SG             Mirage F1CT       EC3/13           
49/BV                 Mirage 4P         EB91             
19/2-EA               Mirage 2000C      EC1/2            
339/4-AD              Mirage 2000N      EC1/4            
606/3-IF              Mirage 2000D      EC1/3            
E22/7-PI              Jaguar E          EC2/7            
E129/314-TO           Alpha Jet E       GE314            
483/339-JI            Falcon 20SNA      CITAC339         
105/F-SEXV            TB-30             GE315    spec.c/s
F-AZIF                T-28B             '18310/651'      
F-AZID                B-25J             'HD'             

AT03                  Alpha Jet    	9w       spec.c/s
AT08                  Alpha Jet         9w       grey c/s
FA107, FA112          F-16A             1sm              
E155/314-LA           Alpha Jet E       GE314            
E11/7-PE, E15/7-PF    Jaguar E          EC2/7            
205/30-FX             Mirage F1C        ER3/33,EC1/30 Mks
218/30-SK             Mirage F1C        ER3/33,EC1/30 Mks
221/33-FO             Mirage F1C        ER3/33,EC1/30 Mks
4/2-FR                Mirage 2000C      EC2/2            
517/2-FM              Mirage 2000B      EC2/2            
92/315-XI/1           TB-30             GE315    spec.c/s
100/315-XQ/2          TB-30             GE315    spec.c/s
117/315-YH/3          TB-30             GE315    spec.c/s
F-AZFU                N3202B            '37'             
F-AZHJ                Vampire FB6       'VZ221/7-BA'     
F-AZHP                Vautour 2N        '348'            
F-AZJM                P-51D
Alpha Jet E, GI312/Patrouille de France:
E97/0   E23/1   E121/2  E125/3  E89/4  E132/5
E140/6  E126/7  E106/8  E105/9

Dispersals/QRA area:
438                   Mirage 3E    	BDRT 
14/13-PW              Mirage 5F         BDRT 
17/2-EM,25/2-EJ       Mirage 2000C      EC1/2
35/2-EE,37/2-EU       Mirage 2000C      EC1/2
512/2-FI, 514/2-FK    Mirage 2000B      EC2/2
515/2-FT, 518/2-FU    Mirage 2000B      EC2/2
F214/64-GN            C-160NG           ET64 
These Mirage 2000s performed a base-attack.

Hangar behind static (open):
29/2-ED               Mirage 2000C 	EC1/2
507/2-FD, 511/2-FH    Mirage 2000B 	EC2/2

Hangar behind static (closed):
33/2-ES               Mirage 2000C 	EC1/2
45/5-OM               Mirage 2000C 	EC2/5

Gendarmerie hangar (open):
2057/JCQ, 2218/JCW    AS350B       	Gendarmerie

Douane hangar (closed):
712/F-ZBEQ            Ce210L       	Sec.civile
6245/F-ZBEN           PA-31        	Sec.civile

Large hangar/far side:
F-AZ..                P-40E        34
The P-51D which could be seen on the flightline, also came
out of this hangar.

Far side/near hangar:
02/CB                 CAP231       	GI312
78/65-XE              TBM700       	ETEC65
1x		      CAP10        	GI312.

In front of shelter 1:
11/2-EF               Mirage 2000C 	EC1/2

In front of shelter 7:
508/2-FE, 519/2-FV    Mirage 2000B 	EC2/2

9/2-EB,  15/2-EK      Mirage 2000C 	EC1/2
16/2-EL, 32/2-EP      Mirage 2000C 	EC1/2
27, 30, 34            Mirage 2000C 	EC1/2
505/2-FB              Mirage 2000B 	EC2/2

290                   Mystère 4A   	on pole

   /2-EP (?)          Mirage 2000C 	wreck
503/2-FO              Mirage 2000B 	wreck

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