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Dijon-Longvic 1997

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Date: 29 June 1997

Made by: Scramble, Jelle van der Wolf

Updated: 3 June 2004

MiG-29, Polish AF
Not less than four Polish MiG-29 Fulcrums could be seen at Dijon! This tiger striped 89 was parked on the flightline.

Photo Jaco Haasnoot

11                    J35Ö    	        FlRgs/UbG/1 
3H-FH                 PC-7              FlS              
5S-TB                 SC7-3M            FlRg1/4          
MT48                  CM170R            33sm    spec. c/s
259/30-QU             Mirage F1CT       EC02.030         
13/AL                 Mirage 4P         ERS01.091        
322                   Mirage 3R         '14/13-PW'       
507/2-FD, 508/2-FE    Mirage 2000B      EC02.002         
511/2-FH, 515/2-FO    Mirage 2000B      EC02.002         
521/2-FX, 522/2-FY    Mirage 2000B      EC02.002         
11/2-EF, 17/2-EM      Mirage 2000C      EC01.002         
25/2-EJ               Mirage 2000C      EC01.002         
77                    Mirage 2000C-5 	EC02.012 mks   
632/3-XM              Mirage 2000D      EC03.003         
374/4-BS              Mirage 2000N      EC02.004         
3726                  F-4F              JG73             
4352                  Tornado           JBG38            
B-48                  Bo105CB           299sq            
D-662                 CH-47D            298sq            
64                    MiG-29UB          1PLM/Polish AF   
37048/48              AJS37             F7/Swedish AF    
60108/108             Sk60A             F5/Swedish AF    
J-5233                F/A-18D           nm (FlSt17)      
93-0007               F-16C             181 Filo         
ZD352/19, ZG511/82    Harrier GR7       4sq              
XX247/CM              Hawk T1A          100sq            
ZE793/AI, ZH556/AK    Tornado F3        56(R)sq          
ZG726/K               Tornado GR1A      13sq             
90-0262/LN "48 OG"    F-15E             492nd FS         
91-0403/SP "23 FS"    F-16C             23rd FS          
F-GDPZ                MH1521M           '208'7-JI'       
F-GFIU                PA-32R-301                         
F-GJGN                M20J              Air Mana         
F-PFQA                Piper J3C-65                       
SP-FAF                An-2T                              

Mirage 3R serial 322 was displayed as being a Mirage 5F (14/13-SW),
but checking the c/n revealed its true identity.
Mirage 2000B 521 and Mirage 2000C 17 were parked next to a hangar,
and were covered.

08                    J35Ö    	        FlRg2/UbG/1 
3H-FP                 PC-7              FlS              
FA70                  F-16A             2sm              
FA117 or FA87?        F-16A                     spec. mks	
MT36                  CM170R            33sm    spec. c/s
ET-022                F-16B             nn               
E29/314-TM            Alpha Jet E       EAC00.314 
E117/314-UH           Alpha Jet E       EAC00.314        
R44/61-MP             C-160R            ET01.061         
F217/64-GQ            C-160NG           ET00.064         
E24/7-PH, E30/7-PK    Jaguar E          EC02.007         
E37/7-PQ              Jaguar E          EC02.007         
4/2-FP, 12/2-FS       Mirage 2000C      EC02.002         
3771                  F-4F              JG74             
J-364                 F-16A             322sq   spec. c/s
J-878                 F-16A             323sq            
42                    MiG-29UB          1PLM/Polish AF   
83, 89                MiG-29            1PLM/Polish AF   
37040/40              AJS37?            F7/Swedish AF    
37058/58              AJS37             F7/Swedish AF    
J-5232                F/A-18D           nm (FlSt17)      
ZD380/28, ZD465/55    Harrier GR7       1sq              
F-AZHR                T-28A Fennec      '517749'         
F-AZIK                Vampire FB6       '10120/G-DU'     
F-AZIO                Yak-11                             
F-AZMU                P-51D             '172035'         
F-FMEA/1, F-FMEB/4    PC-7              Team Adecco      
F-FMED/2              PC-7              Team Adecco      
F-GDTT                CAP-231
F-GFIO                SV4C

Hangar on static (open):
14/2-EV, 21/2-EG      Mirage 2000C 	EC01.002
36/2-EN               Mirage 2000C      EC01.002
Hangar on static (closed):               
16/2-E.               Mirage 2000C      EC01.002
20/2-EQ               Mirage 2000C      EC01.002
28/2-FZ               Mirage 2000C      EC02.002
518                   Mirage 2000B      nn   
1x                    Mirage 2000       nn
Hangar near entrance:                    
506/2-FC, 513/2-FR    Mirage 2000B      EC02.002
520/2-FW              Mirage 2000B      EC02.002
Hangar Douanes:                          
F-ZBEN                PA-28-161         Douanes 
F-ZBEQ                Ce210L            Douanes 

Hangar 6:
35/2-EE               Mirage 2000C      EC01.002

Hangar 16:
27                    Mirage 2000C      nn
1x                    Mirage 2000C      EC02.002
509/2-FF              Mirage 2000B      EC02.002

Civil terminal:
1602, 1603            An-26        	13PLT/Polish AF
F-GDRJ                Beech200
F-GKRG                Ce172RG

Elsewhere/flying only:
2218/JCW              AS350B	        Gendarmerie
5391/67-VA            AS555AN           EH02.067   
471/93-CB             C-135FR           ERV01.093         
202/36-CB             E-3F              EDAC00.036        
502/2-FA, 510/2-FG    Mirage 2000B      EC02.002          
514/2-FK, 516/2-FA    Mirage 2000B      EC02.002          
29/2-ED, 37/2-EU      Mirage 2000C      EC01.002          
26/128-CD             MS760             EAM09.128         
1330/67-AO            SA330Ba           EH05.067          
104/65-XJ             TBM-700           ETEC00.065        
D-EXCM                EA300S
F-BXRX, F-GBUF        DR400/120A                          
F-GDTT                CAP.231
F-GFXS                DR400/180
F-GJQQ                DR400/140

Alpha Jet Es of the Patrouille de France:
E173/0/F-TERP, E140/1/F-TRED, E128/2/F-TERN,
E97/3/F-TREL,  E153/4/F-TERH, E141/5/F-TERA,
E120/6/F-TERG, E38/7/F-TERC,  E138/8/F-TERM,

MB339A/PANs of Frecce Tricolori:   MM54478/0,
MM54475/1,  MM54551/2,  MM54517/3, MM54500/4,
MM54536/5,  MM54483/7,  MM54473/8, MM54477/9,
MM54489/10, MM54485/11

EA300s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons: JY-RNA,

30/2-EH               Mirage 3C    	gateguard
425/2-LG              Mirage 3E         gateguard
290                   Mystere 4A        gateguard

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