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Evreux-Fauville 1998

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Date: 14 July 1998

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Updated: 1 August 2002

Jaguar E, French AF
The French Air Force had a total of approximately 200 Jaguars. One of them that is still flying is this dual E30/7-PK which took part in the meeting for demo teams.

Photo: Pieter van 't Hof

Gate Guard:
N.2501F			172			preserved
Static in front of flightline:
A.300B4-608ST           3/F-GSTC       		AIRBUS  
L-4H                    F-BDUV      		preserved     
MH.1521                 255/F-GGKL      	preserved     
RB-17G                  48846/DS-M/F-AZDX       preserved     
CN.235-100M             T.19B-07/35-25          Ala35   
Hercules C.3P           XV199/199             	LTW     
C-160R                  R204/64-GD        	ET064    

VIP static:
Mirage 2000C            12/12-FR     		EC02.012
C-160NG                 F212                    no mks. 
Static at end of flightline:
Alpha Jet               E113/314-LK 		GE314   
TB.30                   92/F-SEXI/315-XI 	EPE315/C
Jaguar A                A156/7-ID 		EC03/007
CN.235AL                026/CNA-MD/MD     	EdT     
A-4SU                   942/42     		150Sqn  
TA-4SU                  905/05     		150Sqn  
F-15E                   90-0255/LN     		492FS   
An-26                   1604                    13PLT  
AS.555UN                5520/67-WE 		EH00.067
AB-206A                 3C-JM                   FR1/HG1/Team Kleebat 
Mirage IIIBE            207/13-FH 		preserved     
Emb.312F                481/312-JZ 		DV05.312
Emb.312F                488 /312-VG 		GI00.312
Mirage IVA              11/AJ     		EB91    
Mirage 2000N            307/4-CC 		EC03.004
Mirage F.1CR            648/33-NT 		ER02.033
Jaguar E                E28/7-PK 		EC02.007
Jaguar E                E30/7-PK                EC02.007
Jaguar E                E40/7-PI                EC02.007
Mirage 2000B            515/5-OG                EC03.005
Mirage 2000B            523/2-FT                EC02.002
Mirage 2000C            5/5-OS 			EC03/005
Mirage F.1B             520/33-FL 		EC03.033
Mirage F.1C             52/33-FK 		EC03.033
Mirage F.1C             85/33-FR 		EC03.033
Extra 300               JY-RNA                  RJF     
Extra 300               JY-RND                  RJF     
Extra 300               JY-RNE                  RJF     
Extra 300               JY-RNG                  RJF     
TS-11                   0702/3          	White Iskra
TS-11                   0709/8                  White Iskra
TS-11                   0713/5                  White Iskra
TS-11                   0726/2                  White Iskra
TS-11                   0730/1                  White Iskra
TS-11                   0827/6                  White Iskra
CASA 101EB              E.25-06/79-06/4    	Ala79/Team Aq. 
CASA 101EB              E.25-08/79-08/5         Ala79/Team Aq. 
CASA 101EB              E.25-13/79-13/3         Ala79/Team Aq. 
CASA 101EB              E.25-23/79-23/          Ala79/Team Aq.
CASA 101EB              E.25-28/79-28/8         Ala79/Team Aq. 
CASA 101EB              E.25-40/79-40/2         Ala79/Team Aq. 
CASA 101EB              E.25-52/74-34/4         Ala79/Team Aq. 
CASA 101EB              E.25-86/79-32/          Ala79/Team Aq.
Alpha Jet               E 26/F-TERO/1         	EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E128/F-TERN/2           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E 81/F-TERI/3           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E104/F-TERB/4           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E120/F-TERG/5           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E158/F-TERF/6           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E153/F-TERH/7           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E151/F-TERJ/8           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E165/F-TERE/9           EPAA20.3
Alpha Jet               E138/F-TERM/0           EPAA20.3
F-5E                    J-3083                  PdS     
F-5E                    J-3084                  PdS     
F-5E                    J-3085                  PdS     
F-5E                    J-3086                  PdS     
F-5E                    J-3088                  PdS     
F-5E                    J-3090                  PdS     
F-5E                    J-3091                  PdS     
Extra 300               021/6               	Los Halcones
Extra 300               024/2                   Los Halcones
Extra 300               025/3                   Los Halcones
Extra 300               027/4                   Los Halcones
Extra 300               028/5                   Los Halcones
Extra 300               029/1                   Los Halcones
Hawk T.1                XX233                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX237                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX292                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX307                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX308                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A               XX227                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A               XX252                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A               XX253                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A               XX306                   Red Arrows
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54439/4      	313gr./Frecce Tr.
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54473/8             313gr./Frecce Tr.
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54475/1             313gr./Frecce Tr.
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54477/11            313gr./Frecce Tr.
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54479/12            313gr./Frecce Tr.
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54483/7             313gr./Frecce Tr. 
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54485/9             313gr./Frecce Tr. 
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54486/6             313gr./Frecce Tr. 
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54517/3             313gr./Frecce Tr. 
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54551/2             313gr./Frecce Tr. 
MB.339A/PAN             M.M.54575/5             313gr./Frecce Tr. 
AB-206A                 3C-JC                   FR1/HG1/Team Kleebat
AB-206A                 3C-JD                   FR1/HG1/Team Kleebat
AB-206A                 3C-JE                   FR1/HG1/Team Kleebat
AB-206A                 3C-JG                   FR1/HG1/Team Kleebat
AB-206A                 3C-JH                   FR1/HG1/Team Kleebat
CAP.231                 CN-ABI                  Marche Verte
CAP.231                 CN-ABJ                  Marche Verte
CAP.231                 CN-ABK                  Marche Verte
CAP.231                 CN-ABL                  Marche Verte
CAP.231                 CN-ABM                  Marche Verte
CAP.231                 CN-ABN                  Marche Verte
CAP.231                 CN-ABO                  Marche Verte
CAP.232                 F-GKDK                  Breitling
CAP.232                 F-GJGM                  Breitling
Yak-11                  RA-44519                Breitling
Yak-11                  RA-01480                Breitling
B-707                   902                     no mks  
Field near Chile AF B-707:
AS.555UN                5466/67-VW 		EH00.067
SA.330Ba                1387/AP        		no mks/French AF  
Demo flying (incl sling) 
Flying in 14 July Flypast:
C-160NG                 F207/64-GG     		ET064   
C-160NG                 F214/64-GN              ET064
C-160NG                 F215/64-GO              ET064
C-160R                  R207/64-GE              ET064
Overhead (14 July Flypast):
Mirage F-1              9x            
Super Etendard          9x
These also participated in the flypast over Paris.
TBM.700                 35/43-XB     		ETE43   
TBM.700                 70/43-XC     		ETE43   
E-3F                    203/36-CC     		EDA36   
E-3F                    204/36-CD     		EDA36   
C-160R                  R205/64-GE 		ET064   
Other side of runway behind flightline :
C-160H                  H02/59-BB    		ET059   
C-160H                  H04/59-BA     		EE059
C-160NG                 F210/64-GJ      	ET064   
C-160NG                 F211/64-GK     		ET064   
C-160NG                 F212/64-GL      	ET064   
C-160NG                 F213               	no mks  
C-160NG                 F217/64-GQ     		ET064   
C-160NG                 F218/64-GR     		ET64    
C-160NG                 F224/64-GX      	ET01.064
C-160R                  R 93/61-ZK     		ET03.061
C-160R                  R 97/61-ZA     		ET03.061
C-160R                  R202               	no mks  
C-160R                  R206               	no mks  
C-160R                  R225               	no mks  
H-34A                   SA.167/68-OC            preserved
Brequet 765             501/ 64-PE              preserved
MH.1521                 253                     preserved

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