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La Ferté Alais 2002

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Date: 18/19 May 2002

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Updated: 3 November 2002

TB30 Epsilon, French AF
Most of the aircraft that can be seen at the annual airshow of La Ferté Alais are vintage aircraft and warbirds. This TB30 Epsilon with registration 117/F-SEYH/3 was one of the few 'modern' military aircraft that were attending the show in 2002.

Photo Patrick Dirksen

6/VN			Cap10B		EPAA20.300
18/300-CA		Cap232		EPAA20.300
.../2-EA		Mirage F1B	nose only
100/F-SEXQ/2		TB30		EPAA00.315 
117/F-SEYH/3		TB30	        EPAA00.315 
133/315-YX, 150/315-ZN	TB30	        EPAA00.315 
D-FAIR			An-2	        ex NVA 450 
F-AZAJ			MS138	        as FAF 43/5
F-AZAQ			DR.1 replica	GAF mks
F-AZAZ			MS1567		as FAF 7 "Moustique"
F-AZBE "4312127/TA"	AT-6C		ex Spain C.6-179
F-AZBL			AT-6D		as USA 90669/TA
F-AZBP			Br.14B2 repl.	as FAF 169-42
F-AZCA "Z-CA"		DH89		ex RAF X7381    
F-AZCB			MD311	        ex/as FAF 291/FV
F-AZCC			P2-05	        ex SwissAF      
F-AZCH "WB557"		DHC-1-22	ex Denmark P-132
F-AZCM			T-6J		ex Italy MM53802
F-AZCN			SE.5A replica	RAF mks
F-AZCQ			T-6G		ex USA 49-3037
F-AZCV			T-6G		ex USA 51-14456
F-AZCY			SE.5A replica	as RAF A8898
F-AZDB			Po.2W		as USSR 9        
F-AZDP "RM-205"		AD-4N	        ex/as USA 124143 
F-AZDQ "RM-3"		AD-4N	        ex/as USA 126956 
F-AZDR			MD.312	        ex/as FAF (160)/V
F-AZEG "P-22"		F4U-5NL	        ex/as USA 124724 
F-AZEJ			E-18S	        as USA 22429/V   
F-AZER			MD311	        ex/as FAF 276    
F-AZFE "319-DM"		MD312	        ex/as FAF 237    
F-AZFX "316-KY"		MD312	        ex/as FAF 282    
F-AZGB "521475"		T-6J	        ex CAF 20384     
F-AZGR			PT-17/N2S-3?	ex BuNo 4320
F-AZHE			NA.68		as FNavy 14.F.7/7
F-AZIM			Yak-3UTI	as USSR 27
F-AZIR			Yak-11		USSR mks        
F-AZIY			N.3202	        ex/as FAF 15/ZIY
F-AZJD "290"		D.27	        ex SwissAF U-290
F-AZJR "4273/741"	N2S-3	        ex USA 42-1749  
F-AZJU "AZ+JU"		Casa 352L	ex Spain T.2B-212
F-AZKD "141/Z-KD"	FwP149D		ex GAF 91+20
F-AZKG			T-28A		ex/as FAF 82
F-AZLL			Lockheed 12A	ex BuNo 2947
F-AZMB			Caudron G.3	replica
F-AZMJ			Fw.44		GAF mks          
F-AZMP "X-56"		T-6G	        ex/as USA 49-3056
F-AZMZ			PT-17	        nn               
F-AZNN			Yak-11	        as USSR 14       
F-AZPU "3182/82"	P3-05	        ex SwissAFA-827  
F-AZRB "90747/3"	SNJ-5	        ex USA 42-86174  
F-AZRF			P3-05		ex/as SwissAF A-869
F-AZRJ "936/J" "5384/P"	F-8F2		ex BuNo 121748   
F-AZSB "411622/G4-C"	P-51D	        ex USA 44-74427  
F-AZSC "134076/TA"	AT-6D	        ex USA 41-34671  
F-AZVJ "B-210"		F4U-4	        ex/as USA 97264  
F-AZYS			F4U-7	        ex FN 133704/6   
F-AZYU			UTVA-66	        ex/as YugAF 51104
F-AZZG			SG.38	        as FAF 4         
F-BAHV			SV.4C	        ex FAF 1130      
F-BCNL			MS317	        ex/as FAF 6527   
F-BEUS			N1203	        ex/as FAF 180    
F-BGJR			N1203	        ex/as FAF 375    
F-BGUV			MS317	        ex/as FAF 297    
F-BHHD			SV4C	        FAF mks          
F-BHOO			HD34		nn
F-GMCY			N1101		ex/as FAF 67/CY
F-PJBS			WagAero Sport	as J-3 in USA mks
G-BWMJ "B3459/2"	Nieuport 17	replica
HB-RCF			MS406		ex/as SwissAF J-143
N556EB "E-252"		T-28C		ex/as USA 140566
RA-44456		Yak-50		as USSR 01
RA-44755		Su-29
275/BL877		Blériot XI-II	replica
2115			DR.1		GAF mks
-			Bf.109G-2	GAF mks (HA.1112?)

Flying only:
18/5-OF			Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
15			Super Etendard	11F
1120/JBW		Alouette 3	Gendarmerie
F-AZDX "DS-M"		B-17G		ex/as USA 44-8846
F-GIGJ			CM170		PdF mks, ex FAF 561
F-ZBEU/42		CL215		Sec. Civile
6x			CM170		nn (on 19th)
And the Patrouille de France with eight Alpha Jets 
coded 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

In hangar modelclub:
15			Yak-18A		under restauration

In hangar near N262:
31/30-QG, 83/..-KG	CM170		stored
568/312-AI		CM170		i/a

In hangar behind "flightline":
..../P			AD-4 or -6	USA mks?

In hangar near museum entrance:
F-AZBS			Bu133C		as SwissAF U-69

Preserved at entrance:
3/OH			N262A		EPNER mks

Far side of the field:
F-BLOZ			DC-3E		derelict, as USAF "315101"
F-BOHI			PA-23		derelict, c/n 27-319

Other aircraft (not checked with databases):
91-KL, 91-SJ		Microlight
D-EAPH			Zlin Z526AF
EX-XCL			Ryan Monoplane		replica 'N-X-211''Spirit of St. Louis
F-AZAK			MS230
F-AZAP			MS A1			FAF c/s
F-AZBG			SFCA Taupin G		c/n 10
F-AZEK			Sipa S.903
F-AZFH			Pitts S.1S Special	c/n K-027
F-AZMS			Morane Saulnier H	replica
F-AZPL			NC854			c/n 10
F-AZRG			T-28			FAF c/s '82'
F-AZTT			Bü131
F-BRRR			MS880B			stored
F-BXLF			Beech 58
F-GAHA			DR400
F-GGPS			Pitts S.2B Special
F-GGTB			Pitts S.2A Special
F-GJBI			R22
F-GLET			R22
F-GLXF			Baron
F-GPJS			Stinson SR10C Reliant
F-GUJP			Falcon 2000		flying only
F-GXCM			Cap232
F-PBRI			Bü133C
F-PBSE			Bü131
F-PCLF			Cri-cri			in hangar
F-PFHV			Cri-cri			in hangar
F-PFLY			D92
F-PGTY			MJ2 Tempete
F-PHUD			D112
F-PJOE			MJ2E Tempete
F-PLGL			MJ2 Tempete
F-PRUQ			Aeromarine Skyote
F-PTER			MJ2D Tempete
F-PXKA			MJ2D Tempete
F-PXKU			MJ2 Tempete
F-PXYZ			MJ2 Tempete
F-PYFS			D92
F-PYHK			MJ2 Tempete
F-PZLD			Salis AJBS 10		c/n 01, modified Cap10
F-PZTE			MJ2E Tempete
F-WZAB			Citroen Re2
G-BNPV			Bowers Fly Baby		Luftwaffe c/s as Ju-D1
HA-SIF			Zlin 250LS
HA-SIH			Zlin 250LS
HA-SIJ			Zlin 250LS
N85RS			Christen Eagle II
N42429			Howard DGA-15P
SE-FPT			PA-28

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