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La Ferté Alais 2005

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Date: 14/15 May 2005

Made by: Scramble, the Hetebrij brothers, Lariviere Organisation


D-ERTA			Messerschmitt M17	'D-887'
D-FWME			HA.1112-M1L		"7" red
ES-YLF,ES-YLI		L-39C			Breitling
F-AZAJ			MS138 Ep2		"5/M374"            
F-AZAK	                MS230                               
F-AZAP	                Morane A1		"MS 1567/7"         
F-AZAQ	                Fokker DR.I 		(replica)               
F-AZBE	                AT-6C			'4312127/TA-127'            
F-AZBG	                SFCA Louis Peyret VI Taupin         
F-AZBS	                Bu133C			'U-69'	                    
F-AZCC	                P2-05                               
F-AZCH	                DHC-1			'WB557'                     
F-AZCI	                UC-61K                              
F-AZCN	                SE5 (replica)                       
F-AZCY	                SE5 (replica)		"A8898´             
F-AZDB	                Polikarpov Po-2W	"9"         
F-AZDP	                AD-4N 			'124143/RM/205'             
F-AZDX	                B-17G			'48846/J'                   
F-AZEG	                F4U-5NL			'124724/P'                  
F-AZEI	                DH-82A			'T-6553/N'                  
F-AZEJ	                Beech E18S		"22429/V            
F-AZER	                MD311			'276'                       
F-AZFJ	                Yak-11			"29"                        
F-AZGG	                CASA I-131E                         
F-AZGN	                Fokker DR.I (replica)	"2115"      
F-AZHE	                NA68			'14.F.7'                    
F-AZHN	                T-28C Trojan		'140547/IF'         
F-AZHX	                DH-100 Vampire FB6	"VZ152/4-LH´
F-AZIJ	                Nord 3202		'1'                 
F-AZIM	                Yak-3UTI-PW		"27"                
F-AZIR	                Yak-11			"28"                        
F-AZJB	                Yak-11			"60"                        
F-AZJD	                Dewoitine D-27                      
F-AZJR	                N2S-3 Stearman		'4273/741'          
F-AZJS	                Spitfire Mk.19		'PS890'             
F-AZJU			CASA 352L		"AZ+JU"               
F-AZKD	                FWP149D			"141"                         
F-AZKG	                T-28 Fennec		'82'                  
F-AZLA	                Beech D17S                            
F-AZLJ	                Ryan L17A Navion	"71277/LJ-277"
F-AZLL	                L-12A                                 
F-AZMB	                Caudron G.3 (replica)                 
F-AZMJ	                FW-44J                                
F-AZMP	                T-6G			"493056/X-56"                 
F-AZMS	                Morane Saulnier H (replica)           
F-AZMZ	                E75                                   
F-AZNN	                Yak-11			"14"                          
F-AZOB	                Bulldog  T1		'XX532/E'             
F-AZOE	                CAP20			'02'                          
F-AZPG	                Bleriot XII (replica)                 
F-AZPL	                Nord NC854                            
F-AZRA	                MS505 Criquet		2E+RA                 
F-AZRB	                AT-6D			'90747/3'                     
F-AZRJ	                F8F Bearcat		'936/J'               
F-AZSB	                P-51D	 		'411622/G4-C'                
F-AZTE	                C-47A			'141406/E'                    
F-AZTT	                CASA 1.131E                           
F-AZVG	                MD312			'189/G'                       
F-AZVJ	                F4U4			'97264/B/210'                 
F-AZYS	                F4U7			'133704/14.F-6'               
F-AZZZ	                MS733			'51S-139'                     
F-BAGY	                SV4A			'46'                          
F-BCBC	                MS317                                 
F-BCNL	                MS317                                 
F-BDHC	                SV4A                                  
F-BEGU	                L-4H			'8/VMO-5'                     
F-BFQD	                L-4J			'YC'                          
F-BGUV	                MS317                                 
F-BLOZ	                C-47A (pres)		'313142/N'            
F-BPGV	                MS893A                                
F-CCJY	                SF28A                                 
F-GECM	                AS350B                                
F-GGPS			Pitts S2B                     
F-GIBN	                MH1521M                       
F-GIJA	                SE3130                        
F-GJTC	                Pitts S2B                     
F-GKEB	                SV4C                          
F-GKYG	                AS350B                        
F-GLKQ	                DR400/180                     
F-GMCG	                Pitts S2B       	              
F-GMCY	                Nord 1101		'CY/67'       
F-GPJS	                Stinson SR.10C Reliant        
F-GTZT	                DR400/180                     
F-GUZZ	                Beech D17S                    
F-PACF	                Aeronca 11AC Chief            
F-PBRI	                Bu133C                        
F-PBSE	                Bu131SA                       
F-PFLY	                Jodel D112                    
F-PHUD	                Jodel D112                    
F-PJBS	                Wag Aero Sport Trainer        
F-PRJJ	                Leopoldoff 55                 
F-PYFS	                Jodel 92                      
F-PYIF	                CAP10A                        
F-PYVI	                K&S Jungster 1                
F-PZLD	                Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis 10
18/CA	                CAP232                        
30/5-OF	                Mirage 2000C                  
91-VN	                Air Ceation Clipper GTE       
91-YC	                Jodel D20                     
207/BF	                Jodel D140E                   
G-EVLE	                Rearwin 8125 Cloudster        
HB-RAW	                P2/06                         
HB-RCF	                D-3801 (MS406)		'1'           
LY-TTD	                Yak52TD                       
N49AG	                DC-3A                         
N85RS	                Christen Eagle II             
N81172	                Boeing N2S-5		'598'         
BL297			Bleriot "I. Sqaudriglia"
C1096/3			RAF SE5 
GL-A1			Gyrocopter
S 3836/5		Spad S-XIIIC1

2104/JCT		AS350B 	Gendarmerie

In and near hangars:
F-AZBA			Bleriot XI (replica)      
F-AZCA	                DH-89A Dominie            
F-BBEP	                Nord 1203 (std)           
F-BBHX	                Caudron 275 Luciole 	(fuselage)
F-BDCY	                SV4C 			(fuselage)               
F-BOSI	                Be V35                    
F-GIGT	                AS355F1                   
F-PDEP	                Deperdussin D 		(fuselage)      
F-PYFT	                Croses LC-6 Criquet       
F-WGBT	                MJ54 Silas                
	                Yak18A 			(fuselage) '15'      
	                AS350 			(fuselage)              
3/OH	                N262A 			stored

Western corner:
F-AZCB			MD311			'291/Fv'    
F-AZFX	                MD311			'282/316-KY'
F-AZHD	                NA68			'11F2/79413'
F-BNYJ	                GY80 Horizon 180    
F-BOHI	                PA23-250            

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