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Landiviseau 1997

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Date: 29 June 1997

Made by: Scramble, Stefan Buysse

Updated: 19 March 2002

Static near 12/16F hangar:
E64/314-TL            Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
26                    Atlantique 2      nn       
118                   Etendard IVP      16F      
32                    Falcon 10MER      57S      
A64/7-IS              Jaguar A          EC03.007 
632/33-NE             Mirage F1CR       ER02.033 
660/33-ND             Mirage F1CR       ER02.033 
85                    MS760             57S      
60                    N262              2S       
50                    S.Etendard        17F      
163025/AJ-601         E-2C              VAW-124  
160891/AJ-214         F-14A             VF-14    
164680/AJ-311         F/A-18C           VFA-15   
F-GPAB                Falcon 20         FRL      

12F hangar (near this static):
39                    F-8P         	12F  
57                    S.Etendard        11F  
Display hangar:                       
109                   Etendard IVP      16F  
8                     F-8P              12F  
88                    MS760             57S  
19                    S.Etendard        17F  
66                    S.Etendard        nm   
In front of this hangar:              
35                    F-8P              12F  
32, 42                MS760             57S  
44                    S.Etendard        17F  
Static (taxitrack):                   
2331/AIE              AS532UL           4RHCM
108                   CAP10B            50S  
69                    EMB121AN          52S  
808                   Lynx HAS4         34F  
62                    MS893A            50S  
347                   SA319B            35F  
101                   SA321G            32F  
1194/BWN              SA341F            3RHC 
113/315-YD            TB-30        	EPAA00.315
F-AZPI                CM175        	'5'
F-GFOU                Robin ATL
F-GHZU                TB-20
F-GJLT                MH1521M
F-PYQK                MC12 CriCri

Flying/flightline east side:
53                    Br1050       	6F
512/2-FQ, 516/2-FA    Mirage 2000B 	EC02.002
8/2-FI                Mirage 2000C 	EC02.002
ZD992/VL-724          Harrier T8        899sq
F-AZCK                A75N1        	'205'       
F-AZFV                T-28              '517692/142'
F-AZHJ                Vampire FB6                   
F-AZJG                DR.1 replica      '102/17'    
F-AZPF                CM175             '28'        
F-AZMO                CM175             '14'        
F-BYAJ                S2A                           
F-GJBK                Bell 47G2                     
RA-01281              Yak-52            '69' -grey- 

Flying/flightline west side:
114, 115              Etendard IVP 	16F
153, 163              Etendard IVPMP 	16F
23, 32                F-8P         	12F   
16, 69                S.Etendard        17F   
23, 31                S.Etendard        11F   
17, 28, 39, 43        S.Etendard        nn    
45, 48, 51            S.Etendard        nn    
160396/AJ-213         F-14A             VF-14 
161607/AJ-100         F-14A             VF-41 
162704/AJ-107         F-14A             VF-41 
164631/AJ-312         F/A-18C           VFA-15
164691/AJ-411         F/A-18C           VFA-87
164628/AJ-414         F/A-18C           VFA-87

57S hangar (west side):
101                   Etendard IVP 	wfu? (16F mks)
133, 143, 185         Falcon 10MER      57S 
19                    F-8P              12F 
41, 87                MS760             57S 
49                    S.Etendard        11F 
35                    S.Etendard        CEV 
38, 41, 46            S.Etendard        nn  
17F hangar:                          
1, 12, 24, 26         S.Etendard        nn  
32, 47, 55, 61        S.Etendard        nn  
107                   Etendard IVP      16F 

Gate guard:
52                    Etendard IVM 	11F mks
In a cabin behind the static on the East-side the remains of 
Etendard IV no.60 (more or less complete) and no.2 were noted.

70                    MS893A       	50S	arr. around 18.00 hrs

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