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Nancy 1990

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Date: 24 June 1990

Made by: Ben Uffen


1171/ARR        	SA330B  		4RHCMS    
1217/ARJ                SA330B  	        4RHCMS    
2301/AIH                AS332                   ALAT      
1575/AML                SA341                   7RHC      
1607/AMJ                SA341                   7RHC      
1611/AMK                SA341                   7RHC      
1619/AOP                SA342M  	        7RHC      
4144/AOF                SA342M  	        7RHC      
4198/AOH                SA342M  	        7RHC      
24504                   O1                      7RHC      
24508/AOI               O1                      F-GCSB    
24/3-KB 	        CM170                   Stored    
469                     CM170                   Stored    
93/MJE  	        MH1521  	        GSALAT    
290                     MH1521  	        Pres.     
54                      N2501                   Pres.     
97/63-WD                N2501                   ET63/Pres.
189                     N2501                   Pres.     
1527/BUE                Alouette III            7RHC      
1676/BUI                Alouette III            7RHC      
01                      CM173                   Potez 94  
"28946/3-IV"            RF84F   	        Ex FU-76  
    /APY                H19     	        Stored    
23/7-CP 	        Mystere IVA             EC7/Stored
21127                   T33S-C  	        Stored    
41553/33-XU             RT33A                   Stored    
NF.11-9/BF              Meteor NF11             Pres.     
148334  	        P2V-7                   Pres.     
307                     Vautour IIN             Pres.     
113                     Super Mystere B2        Pres.     
21+96                   F104G           	JBG34     
30+93                   G91R            	Pres.     

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