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Orange-Caritat 2008

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Date: 18 May 2008

Made by: Scramble


FB05/FS 		F-16BM 		1sm
ST44 			SF260D 		5sm
4947/47 		F-2000C 	BrazilAF/1°GDA
45+40 			Tornado IDS 	JBG33
907 			TA-4SU 		150sq
957 			A-4SU 		150sq
XX256/256 		Hawk T1A 	19(R)sq
E101/314-TT 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
071/62 			CN235M-200 	ET03.062
095/YM 			EMB121AA 	EAT00.319
647/33-CB 		Mirage F1CR 	ER01.033
362/4-CU 		Mirage 2000N 	EC03.004
105/7-HE 		Rafale C 	EC01.007
69/315-WL 		TB-30 		EPAA00.315
1 			ATL2 		21F
46 			N262E 		28F
3 			Sup Etendard 	11F
71 			Sup Etendard 	17F
F-AZLV 			CM170 		ex 479
F-BFMQ 			L-4J 		ex 44-80231
RA-3338K 		L-39 		private
There are six hangars, three on each side of the squadron
building. The list of hangars below starts with the one on the far
left side as seen from the public area. No hangar numbers were
noted so the first hangar is given number 6 and the others are
counted down to hangar 1, which is the one on the far right side
as seen from the public area.

Hangar 6:
16/5-OX Mirage 2000C EC02.005
510/5-OQ, 515/5-OG 	Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005
522/5-OV, 530/5-OL 	Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005

Hangar 5:
This hangar seemed to be empty apart from some cars.

Hangar 4:
F-PLJB, F-PREV 		Rutan 33 	Patrouilla Reva
F-PYSM 			Rutan 33 	Patrouilla Reva
For sake of completeness we mention these three light aircraft
that operated from this hangar.

Hangar 3:
Open to public, only a pub inside.

Hangar 2:
4/5-NT, 9/5-NH 		Mirage 2000C 	stored
.../5-OH, 508/..., +1 	Mirage 2000C 	stored

Hangar 1:
30/5-OF, 509/... 	Mirage 2000C 	EC02.005

FA101 			F-16AM 		2w            
FA131                   F-16AM          2w spec mks   
J-011                   F-16AM          313sq         
J-055                   F-16AM          313sq spec mks
T.21-04/35-42 		C295M 		Ala 35
E25/F-TETJ 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314 spec mks
E120/314-LG 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
R154/61-ZT 		C-160R 		ET03.061
578/AH 			PC-7 		EPNER         
125/XO                  TBM-700A 	ETEC00.065
092/YL                  EMB121AA 	EAT00.319 
462/312-JG 		EMB312F 	EPNAA05.312
487/312-UF 		EMB312F 	EPNAA05.312 spec
3956/BLA 		SA342M 		EHM
2002/ATB 		Tigre HAP 	EFA
F-MJBD 			EC145 		Gendarmerie
F-ZBAP/12 		S-2 Firecat 	Sécurité Civile
F-AZBL 			SNJ-5 		ex USN 90669         
F-AZDD                  MD312 		ex France 216        
F-AZHR                  T-28F 		ex France 135        
F-AZJS                  Spitfire PR19 	ex RAF PS890
F-AZKM                  OV-10B 		ex Germany 99+24    
F-AZST                  PT-17 		private              
F-GGCN                  MH1521M 	ex France 6        
F-GOJB                  CAP231EX 	private           
F-HELL                  AS350B3 	private            
... 			MS406 		private

The Spanish Patrulla Aguila with these C101EB Aviojets:
E.25-27/79-27/1    E.25-26/79-26/2    E.25-08/79-08/3
E.25-25/79-25/4    E.25-14/79-14/5    E.25-21/79-21/6
E.25-22/79-22/7    E.25-06/79-26/8                

The Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E95/F-TERQ/1     E135/F-TERX/2    E31/F-TERK/3
E122/F-TERD/4    E94/F-TERH/5     E162/F-TERJ/6
E163/F-TERB/7    E130/F-TERP/8    E41/F-TERA/9

TB-30s of Cartouche Dorée / EPAA00.315:
90/F-SEXG/0    102/F-SEXS/2    104/F-SEXU/3    141/F-SEZF/4

L-39Cs of Team Breitling:
ES-YLX/1    ES-YLS/2    ES-TLC/3    ES-YLR/4
ES-YLI/5    ES-YLF/6    ES-YLP/7    ES-TLF/9

Flightline elsewhere:
5509/WB 		AS555AN 	EH05.067
520 			D140R 		CEV

Flying only and visit:
574/93-CP 		C-135FR 	GRV00.093
204/36-CD 		E-3F 		EDCA00.036
310/4-CE 		Mirage 2000N 	EC03.004
345/4-BU 		Mirage 2000N 	EC02.004
147/XS 			TBM-700A 	ETEC00.065
F-ZBFW 			CL-415 		Sécurité Civile

Noted inside various shelters near flightline:
1/5-OJ 			Mirage 2000C 	EC02.005
512/5-OU, 518/5-OM* 	Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005
519/5-OW*, 520/5-OS* 	Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005
524/5-OA, 529/5-OC* 	Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005
Aircraft marked * performed in four-ship display.

Dumped, stored and preserved on base:
(J-1124)/"10035" 	Vampire FB6 	pres, ex Swiss AF
A35 			Jaguar A 	cockpit only
38/5-OC 		Mirage 3C 	preserved
361/33-TJ 		Mirage 3RD 	dumped
426/13-QG 		Mirage 3E 	dumped
42/30-MC 		Mirage F1C 	preserved
(37)/"32/BE" 		Mirage 4A 	preserved
121/5-OL 		S Mystère B2 	preserved
143/5-WT 		Mystère 2C 	preserved

Musée Aéronautique d'Orange:
495/3-XL 		Mirage 3E 	preserved
37 			Etendard 4M 	preserved

Situated in the sunniest part of France, the Provence, lies Base
Arienne 115 (BA115) Orange-Caritat. The base, named after
Capitaine de Seynes, was host to its last ever Meeting Aerien
on 18 May 2008. As the base is due for closure in the near
future it was not clear what to expect during the airshow, but it
turned out to be a great event with enough variety.
Currently, Orange houses just one Escadre de Chasse
(EC02.005) with three Escadrons: Esacdron 1. "Paris", Escadron
2. "Versailles" and Escadron 3. "Vincennes". EC02.005's
sister unit, Escadre de Chasse 01.005, was disbanded on 29
June 2007 in preparation for the closure of Orange. Goal of
EC02.005 is Mirage 2000 conversion training and the unit is
therefore mainly equipped with Mirage 2000B aircraft. Over
50 pilots per year graduate on the Mirage 2000, although this
number is dropping as the Rafale is being introduced in the
French Air Force.
Although plans have to be confirmed by the French government,
BA115 Orange is to be closed in 2009. The Mirages of
EC02.005 will be transferred to Istres where it will take the
place of EC03.004, to be disbanded in 2009.
Highlights of the static show were two Singapore Air Force A-4
Skyhawks from Cazaux, and a former French Air Force Mirage
2000 in Brazilian Air Force colors. Despite being a Mirage 2000
base, no local Mirages could be found in the static show. The
airshow saw participation of four local Mirages doing multiple
fly-bys and two Mirage 2000C performing. Other participants
were two Mirage 2000N from Istres, flying display of the CEV
PC-7 and two fire-fighters (CL-415 and S-2 Turbo Tracker).
Most of the static was placed in between fences, but most flying
participants were parked at a flightline that could be photographed
well, in most cases even with a clean background.
During the morning the sun was in your face but in the afternoon
the sun was getting better and better for taking pictures
of the flying displays.

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